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2017-09-28 05:55:24 UTC  

Hey there.

2017-09-28 05:55:34 UTC  

Looking into areas to post propaganda.

2017-09-28 05:56:28 UTC  

I know when early morning (like 4-5 am) arrives I am putting propaganda at a bus stop.

2017-09-28 05:56:46 UTC  

Always make sure its legal

2017-09-28 05:57:00 UTC  


2017-09-28 05:57:38 UTC  

Though actually I recall that posting propaganda/ads on public property is not allowed in Vegas 😒

2017-09-28 05:58:47 UTC  

There is also posting at The University but then I might have to do it in the "Free Speech Zone".

2017-09-28 05:58:56 UTC  

Be careful, follow the rules. Lots of stores, grocery stores/cofee shops etc usually have bulletin boards

2017-09-28 05:59:07 UTC  

my local grocery store has had a TWP leaflet up for like 6 months

2017-09-28 05:59:10 UTC  

Okay. Ill try that.

2017-09-28 05:59:25 UTC  

Seems legal enough to me.

2017-09-28 05:59:47 UTC  

legal is better, we've got enough movement POW's right now, no need to get a litering citation

2017-09-28 05:59:58 UTC  

Plus I know the response from Channel 13 & 8 will certainly be good.

2017-09-28 06:00:09 UTC  

Any press is better than no press.

2017-09-28 06:00:53 UTC  

Drop the leaflets, make a throwaway email, send pics and complain about "White Nationalist propaganda"

2017-09-28 06:01:59 UTC  

Got it.

2017-09-28 06:02:48 UTC  

Good stuff though! Love the enthusiasm 😃

2017-09-28 06:06:19 UTC  

Yes 😇

2017-09-28 06:06:44 UTC  

Also I am looking at all the (((Kike Synagogues))) in my City.

2017-09-28 06:06:53 UTC  

Avoid those

2017-09-28 06:06:59 UTC  

I know.

2017-09-28 06:07:03 UTC  

Thats a quick way to an "ethnic intimidation" arrest

2017-09-28 06:07:06 UTC  

Jews get special rules

2017-09-28 06:07:15 UTC  

Just getting an overall look via Jew-gle.

2017-09-28 06:08:13 UTC  

Plus I am interested in seeing what I can do to "combine" Coon & Spic Neighborhoods w/ (((Kike))) Neighborhoods.

2017-09-28 06:08:44 UTC  

Have "God's Chosen" get a taste of their own medicine. 😈

2017-09-28 06:08:48 UTC  

one of the best things we can do is look for opportunities to awaken the non-white neighborhoods to the jewish problem

2017-09-28 06:09:01 UTC  

ive been thinking about getting some NOI style posters made up

2017-09-28 06:09:03 UTC  

on the JQ

2017-09-28 06:09:21 UTC  

Actually there is a Black Panthers group in my City.

2017-09-28 06:09:38 UTC  

Interesting. They anti-White or just pro-black? its hard to tell with them sometimes

2017-09-28 06:09:54 UTC  

Yea. I have to look at their website.

2017-09-28 06:40:19 UTC  

good stuff

2017-09-28 06:40:21 UTC  

keep me posted

2017-09-28 06:45:36 UTC  

I will.

2017-09-28 07:20:49 UTC  

Awesome! Sounds like a great time.

2017-09-28 07:21:10 UTC  

They're directly organizing the entire Left to combat us in the great Hoosier State

2017-09-28 07:28:33 UTC  

They can set up a fucking action group to suck my balls.

2017-09-28 07:28:41 UTC  


2017-09-28 07:29:34 UTC  

Also I have someone asking around how to get Government Housing Subsidies into a select area.