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2018-01-19 17:20:04 UTC  

i agree with everything he said...but fuk dude...why are you backing down

2018-01-19 17:20:05 UTC  


2018-01-19 17:20:09 UTC  

"I'm sorry. I'm not sorry that my words were published, I am sorry that I said them in 2013," he wrote. "Those words do not reflect who I am or what I stand for, I regret saying them. Last night I informed the WH that I was resigning so as not to distract from POTUS' many success. #noexcuses"

2018-01-19 17:20:15 UTC  

own it!

2018-01-19 17:20:40 UTC  

Cesar has been busy buys busy with work

2018-01-19 17:20:49 UTC  

we're getting him back onto track with staying up with things

2018-01-19 17:24:34 UTC  

Kevin C hasn't been around in ages either

2018-01-19 17:26:10 UTC  

Good luck Tommorow in Knoxville guys.

2018-01-19 17:26:32 UTC  

@Ms.ElleFish Sunday actually

2018-01-19 17:26:42 UTC  

But thank you :D

2018-01-19 17:26:52 UTC  

Oh ok

2018-01-19 17:26:52 UTC  

A lot of us will be in town Saturday, doing some activism that night, too

2018-01-19 17:27:01 UTC  

I figured

2018-01-19 17:27:16 UTC  

Hitting the town with flyers or stickers? Stuff like that i assume.

2018-01-19 17:27:22 UTC  

I mean no shields , no masks ooosh

2018-01-19 17:27:40 UTC  

But goodluck all the same

2018-01-19 17:28:40 UTC  

hows the numbers looking for tomorrow?

2018-01-19 17:29:08 UTC  

2 confirmed and 3 possible coming from nash and knox on my friends in the old cew

2018-01-19 17:29:17 UTC  

iirc some LOS guys are coming

2018-01-19 17:29:36 UTC  

it would be awesome to field 100

2018-01-19 17:31:30 UTC  

Looking like around 7 from my group

2018-01-19 17:31:49 UTC  

i think we're gonna have like 40-50

2018-01-19 17:31:54 UTC  

a good showing

2018-01-19 17:32:06 UTC  

and tmmrw we'll have our meetup, oath ceremony, food etc

2018-01-19 17:32:34 UTC  

Very nice

2018-01-19 17:32:49 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach I won't be able to make it on Saturday the 20th due to work constraints; any plans for an afterparty on Sunday?

2018-01-19 17:33:01 UTC  

i reckon we'll hang out

2018-01-19 17:33:05 UTC  

so yeah, no worries

2018-01-19 17:33:15 UTC  

just everyone stay up with @John Mosby for organiing

2018-01-19 17:33:17 UTC  

We could do a book burning Sunday night

2018-01-19 17:33:19 UTC  

organizing details*

2018-01-19 17:33:38 UTC  

@John Mosby I'll bring Harry Potter books to toss in the fire

2018-01-19 17:33:50 UTC  

Cool. I have around 100 degenerate books to torch

2018-01-19 17:34:25 UTC

2018-01-19 17:34:51 UTC  

Can anybody bring giant wooden swastikas to burn? We klansmen now

2018-01-19 17:35:08 UTC  

i think we're gonna do a life rune tbh

2018-01-19 17:35:15 UTC  

it has a meaning to Christians and Pagans

2018-01-19 17:35:54 UTC

2018-01-19 17:36:03 UTC  

Page turners, they were not @brig

2018-01-19 17:36:22 UTC  

Can you reform a pedo

2018-01-19 17:36:28 UTC