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2017-10-31 02:42:42 UTC  

Im willing to accept nearly any faith in the movement so long as they dont hit me with any of that dead jew on a stick nonsense

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2017-10-31 02:46:03 UTC  

Hey @Hadrian did you ever get into the "ancient alien astronaut" theory?

2017-10-31 02:47:29 UTC  

...Not trying to be off topic, it comes back to NS eventually.

2017-10-31 02:47:51 UTC  

The lobby is fine for off topic

2017-10-31 02:47:55 UTC  

Thats the main intention

2017-10-31 02:48:09 UTC  

Just a place for us to kick back and shoot the shit

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2017-10-31 03:31:34 UTC  

Everything went fine at the anti-abortion flash demo.

Will be writing an article about it, with an interview "Franklin Free Press" did with Tom P.

2017-10-31 03:39:07 UTC  

Who was the atomwaffen goy

2017-10-31 03:48:43 UTC  

He was some AW goy.

2017-10-31 03:49:49 UTC  

Yeah he said he would add me back to the group chat, they kicked me because of their members thought i was a fed or some shit because i asked their age.

2017-10-31 03:50:27 UTC  

They're strict

2017-10-31 03:51:31 UTC  

Right, they gave the impression of a bunch of young ass edge lords, but dude held himself well at the rally.

2017-10-31 03:52:11 UTC  

Any other Georgia goys? Me and my buddy Ian are the only 2 i know of here.

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2017-10-31 03:53:32 UTC  

Georgia on my mind goyim

2017-10-31 03:53:47 UTC  

Where you at?

2017-10-31 03:53:56 UTC  

Observe rule number 3 :^)

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Welcome mat channel

2017-10-31 03:55:21 UTC  

Yes, we have rules now lol

2017-10-31 03:55:25 UTC  

Not super strict

2017-10-31 03:55:39 UTC  

But just being intelligent with stuff like locations and personal info.

2017-10-31 03:56:42 UTC  

Maaaan fucc yall rools im in cokelton south dickota

2017-10-31 03:57:16 UTC  

"house gets raided by antifags"

2017-10-31 03:58:05 UTC  

My address is 80085 cokelton south dickota 14088

2017-10-31 03:58:13 UTC  

Lmao you can do it how you want as far as that goes. That one is just more of a reminder to people who come in here with the assumption that every single user is friendly

2017-10-31 03:59:15 UTC  

"MANN LETSS GOO KEEELL SHOOOM NASHTESSS" Said Redneck Revolt prior to the incident leaving 10 of the alleged attackers dead via disemberment, cannabalism, rape in 1st degree, and arson.

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2017-10-31 04:01:26 UTC  

I live at 2033 Water Cup Lane

2017-10-31 04:01:40 UTC  

In Tinkleskeets, Ohio

2017-10-31 04:02:10 UTC  

I had Antifa threaten to attack when i leave work.

2017-10-31 04:02:18 UTC  

They know where i work.

2017-10-31 04:02:42 UTC  

Good for them 😂 fuck antifa they are like gay and stuff

2017-10-31 04:03:16 UTC  

Lol 😂