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2018-02-18 02:17:19 UTC  


2018-02-18 02:17:33 UTC  

This thing just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER

2018-02-18 02:17:53 UTC  

Only thing I want to know is with the Kikes out there has Matt considered body armor?

2018-02-18 02:18:02 UTC  

if he gets too high profile it might be a good idea

2018-02-18 02:18:04 UTC  

a preventive

2018-02-18 02:18:11 UTC  

these greasy Kikes will stop at nothing

2018-02-18 02:18:34 UTC

2018-02-18 02:18:39 UTC  

we keep snowballing, fellas

2018-02-18 02:21:31 UTC  

@Billy Ray Jenkins it's true they didn't let the students in. looks like a heckler's veto. i wonder what lawsuits are available if any

2018-02-18 02:22:24 UTC  

we got stalked by elle reeves that weird vice jewess

2018-02-18 02:25:15 UTC  

How can you not let students into an event?

2018-02-18 02:25:32 UTC  

Did Cops block the doors or what?

2018-02-18 02:26:30 UTC  

Its a SAD and SORRY day when you cant discuss race IN DIXIE

2018-02-18 02:26:36 UTC  

without these bastards showing up

2018-02-18 02:26:40 UTC  

Sad and Sorry

2018-02-18 02:26:52 UTC  

Why does keeping your bitch in check have to come with so much fighting?

2018-02-18 02:26:53 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach really did a great job. I was familiar with a lot of the parties stances, but to hear it all at once, along with the other things he spoke about was awesome. a tour would be ideal. if people would actually listen to him speak, im sure they still wouldnt agree on everything, but the things they disagree upon would be less if they actually took the time. its a pretty hostile world, but there was a good feeling in that theater. i try not to get mesmerized by hope and all, but this was genuinely warm. i had a great time out there, and it was good to see those of you i did. HAIL VICTORY!

2018-02-18 02:27:14 UTC  

Im just trying to figure out

2018-02-18 02:27:19 UTC  

how they kept people outside

2018-02-18 02:27:35 UTC  

Did the cops chain the doors or barricade the meeting hall?

2018-02-18 02:27:53 UTC  

just denied entry

2018-02-18 02:28:10 UTC  

Who was doing this Campus Police Knoxville City

2018-02-18 02:28:14 UTC  

Tennessee State Police

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2018-02-18 02:28:26 UTC  

all of them i think

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2018-02-18 02:28:33 UTC  

TBI also

2018-02-18 02:28:38 UTC  

There were that many cops there?

2018-02-18 02:28:55 UTC

2018-02-18 02:28:58 UTC  

Holy crap Tennessee why didnt you just call out the Tennessee Army National Guard for heavens sake

2018-02-18 02:29:03 UTC  

yeah, like every 10-20ft or so

2018-02-18 02:29:12 UTC  

Fevs getting that virgin skin tatted

2018-02-18 02:29:37 UTC  

Tats are a good and bad idea

2018-02-18 02:29:39 UTC  

i see both sides

2018-02-18 02:29:48 UTC  

Good in that they show brotherhood, bad in that the Pigs can use it

2018-02-18 02:29:51 UTC  

to roust you

2018-02-18 02:30:01 UTC  

Plus I wouldnt want to go into the Hospital with any WN tats

2018-02-18 02:30:09 UTC  

they might just poison me

2018-02-18 02:32:12 UTC  

@johanC holy shit you serious??? Bahahahahana

2018-02-18 02:32:40 UTC  

Thats hilarious

2018-02-18 02:33:37 UTC  

Hahahaha nice @johanC