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2019-03-04 05:51:27 UTC  

She had a secret jacuzzi through the closet

2019-03-04 05:51:45 UTC  

And i stole some records and this silver car figure

2019-03-04 05:52:07 UTC  

Man i love exploring old haunts

2019-03-04 05:52:11 UTC  

You gon get haunted

2019-03-04 05:52:21 UTC  

@simsalabim hope not

2019-03-04 05:52:23 UTC  

It was bent went i found it and i straightened it out, sometimes i find it rebent again and that freaks me the fuck out

2019-03-04 05:52:38 UTC  

@MarsBar thats crazy

2019-03-04 05:52:49 UTC  

Yeh lool massive house bro

2019-03-04 05:53:14 UTC  
2019-03-04 05:53:33 UTC  

Apparently she was so rich and her only living relative was in America, they paid the police to stop by the house everyday to make sure theres no break ins

2019-03-04 05:53:57 UTC  

@MarsBar you believe in demons?

2019-03-04 05:54:02 UTC  

But i made it in and out a few times, super creepy aura too

2019-03-04 05:54:06 UTC  


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2019-03-04 05:54:20 UTC  

I believe in tormented spirits

2019-03-04 05:54:31 UTC  


2019-03-04 05:54:38 UTC  

But not pure evil in nature

2019-03-04 05:55:01 UTC  

Ive had an experience but its a long story

2019-03-04 05:55:03 UTC  


2019-03-04 05:55:19 UTC  

I think that the emotional baggage could be carried into the next life, and that 'demons' as such could be stuck in that state

2019-03-04 05:55:36 UTC  

But they also get stuck in the transitioning and go insane

2019-03-04 05:55:51 UTC  

@MarsBar thats a scary thought too

2019-03-04 05:56:29 UTC  

Its a weird topic because id like for them not to exist but i do believe in entities so lol

2019-03-04 05:57:04 UTC  

Its all energy negative and positive, maybe there sre higher dimensional beings

2019-03-04 05:57:24 UTC  

Just to not go on too much of a rant but if youre already a bit weary of em i dont need to tell you not to play with fire

2019-03-04 05:57:58 UTC  

Yeh I mean i dont think id dare do a ouija or anything like that

2019-03-04 05:58:12 UTC  

Just because you never know what might happen

2019-03-04 05:58:51 UTC  

gotta love the red pill programming lolz

2019-03-04 05:59:14 UTC  

modern ouija are all fake

2019-03-04 05:59:15 UTC  


2019-03-04 05:59:20 UTC  

the real story

2019-03-04 05:59:23 UTC  

I was a dumb kid, looking for a thrill

2019-03-04 05:59:34 UTC  

My friends mum did a ouija with her friends at 20, one of them stupidly asked 'who is going to die first' then it responded with her friends name, the next day they were driving in the car together and had a crash, he ended up dying squashed against her, so id rather not risk some shit like that

2019-03-04 05:59:48 UTC  

True story btw

2019-03-04 05:59:56 UTC  

@MarsBar dont doubt it

2019-03-04 05:59:57 UTC  

they use to be made of wood and magicians of old would trap a bad soul in the wood

2019-03-04 06:00:14 UTC  

celtics days

2019-03-04 06:00:28 UTC  

so we would call them druids