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MK is best

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please check out the video guys, you will like it.

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music by RWDSE

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You translated that Sterie?

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Yes, with help from Romanian compatriots.

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Whats the book about

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I think we have a translated version of that for sale, but I've only read for my legionnaires.

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now one book I wasnt suree on reading was 200 years together is that worth it wasnt sure if the translation was good?

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@0823409823jsjsdf90723j2340sd i wrote a brief description on andrew anglin's request, not sure if he'll share it through his platform but here it is

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The Nest Leader's Manual is the second book of the three main doctrinary writings of The Legionary Movement ( "For Legionaries" , "The Nest Leader's Manual", and "The F.D.C Corrector").

It was written by the Romanian Nationalist leader Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, the founder of the Legion of Archangel Michael (also known as the Iron Guard).
It gives a basic outline of Codreanu's ideological teachings, going into detail regarding the organization and structure of the movement, based on nests. (loosely similar to the Daily Stormer book club model).
It also serves as a spiritual guide for any aspiring leader, and God knows we need leaders today.
It is a work of high energy and spirit, being a moral anchor and a practical manual at the same time. Among its 122 pages you can read the famous speech held by Codreanu in the Romanian Parliament (point 85), the covenants that a legionary makes before joining the movement (including the unique "Dust Pouch Covenant" where members mix soil from the places where great battles took place, wearing it as an amulet around their necks in a small leather bag) and much more.
This is a translation of the original, uncensored version, published in 1933. The more recent, publicly available versions of the book, are missing several parts in which the Jew is mentioned (thanks, Europe).

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again thanks for all the material and guidance 😃

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Np, when you're done with that I'm happy to dump more

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will be back to read more*

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Oh, and since you asked of the Jewish Question, I can't recommend this short text by Dietrich Eckart enough, my favorite short text:

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k thnx for that too 😃

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Is Bill Riccio going to Unite the Right?

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If so be careful, he apparently snitched on The Order back in 1991

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hence why he only served 15 months in prison for possesing explosives and full auto weapons

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Well we don't engage in illegal activity so there's no danger there tbh

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Just sayin, watch what you say

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I know but anyone like BR who comes around, just be careful. Anything you say can be taken out of context that's literally all I'm saying

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Never talk to cops or the media

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*GTKRWN Intensifies*

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Jews do have big cans

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But that fucking beak kills any draw they have

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trie dto do a play on skexis but meh

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w/e the fucking bird things from the dark crystal were

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Same thing with arabs, and the fact jews are the spawns of Satan.

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Jesus Christ Almighty I hate that (((Kike))) 👿

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(((Laura Loomer)))...

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like madonna got hit with a hot shovel

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