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2017-11-04 03:22:39 UTC  

Everybody has grown up in different places, social classes, etc. You're not gonna expect a upper middle class college kid to conduct himself like a skin as that'd be fake. The same as you wouldn't expect a working class guy to conduct himself all prim and proper.

2017-11-04 03:22:41 UTC  

There's not, I just know most of us don't wear them anymore.

2017-11-04 03:22:44 UTC  

i have an issue with the swatstikas, face/neck tats, how many basically live a metalhead lifestyle and sleep around, get in drunken bar fights all the time, etc.

2017-11-04 03:22:59 UTC  

and i hear the argument that "its a class thing" and understand it, but working class people can be trad and well mannered too

2017-11-04 03:23:07 UTC  

and clean cut

2017-11-04 03:23:17 UTC  

i am working class

2017-11-04 03:23:27 UTC  

I mean I'm working class and well mannered and clean cut. And not skin. But I don't look down on skins

2017-11-04 03:23:32 UTC  

They came to the truth a different way

2017-11-04 03:23:40 UTC  

I've got some skins in my chapter, great people, B&H runs a fucking sick club in my town, they throw awesome gigs, the scene would be so lame without them, drug use is not allowed, goes without saying.

2017-11-04 03:23:50 UTC  

I hate people with face and neck tats...they hurt my bourgeois heart..."they'll never get a job".

2017-11-04 03:24:00 UTC  

Most skins I've met are pretty anti drug

2017-11-04 03:24:36 UTC  

I'm not telling you all to become boot boys but I certainly hate people who have never met them countersignaling them because they're movement marketing experts even if they have never met any and all their knowledge comes from jewish sources.

2017-11-04 03:24:47 UTC  

We don't need to tackle "skinheads who are druggies" we need to tackle "druggies"

2017-11-04 03:24:52 UTC  


2017-11-04 03:25:26 UTC  

The biggest druggies tend to be the college boys tbh

2017-11-04 03:25:28 UTC  

Tattoos are our warpaint. Skins are full time warriors, thus we always have our war paint on.

It took me a long time to trust WNs without racial tats. Always felt I could trust a skin with visible racial tats, cuz u know they r true believers.

2017-11-04 03:25:31 UTC  

i don't look down on them either, by any means. there is not anyone in this movement that i wouldn't fight alongside and work with, i just don't think the skinhead culture is productive for the movement. and if skinhead just means listening to metal and shaving your head, whatever.

2017-11-04 03:25:49 UTC  

i don't like the tats though

2017-11-04 03:25:52 UTC  

esp. face and neck tats

2017-11-04 03:25:53 UTC  

What about skinhead culture is counter productive

2017-11-04 03:26:13 UTC  

there is a small group of people in metal culture that are straightedge, but lets be honest, its a very small group

2017-11-04 03:26:26 UTC  

None of us are straightedge

2017-11-04 03:26:28 UTC  

You aren't either

2017-11-04 03:26:30 UTC  

it is not exactly the place you go to be trad

2017-11-04 03:26:31 UTC  

Why are you equating metal culture with skins though

2017-11-04 03:26:35 UTC  

NSBM culture is fucking based

2017-11-04 03:26:40 UTC  

Ur moms a very small group

2017-11-04 03:26:44 UTC  

also yeah y tho

2017-11-04 03:26:48 UTC  

Tattoos are a matter of personal preference. I can countersignal someone who doesn't have racial tats, just as easy as someone can countersignal us for having them

2017-11-04 03:26:52 UTC  

RAC scene is pretty great too tho

2017-11-04 03:27:35 UTC  

Rac is only non cucked music

2017-11-04 03:27:45 UTC  

i am counter signalling racial tats bc they are not a good image to present to the public. and if you are going to have them, at least do it on the upper arm and chest

2017-11-04 03:27:48 UTC  

not the face or neck

2017-11-04 03:27:48 UTC  


2017-11-04 03:27:50 UTC  

outta here

2017-11-04 03:28:03 UTC  

face/neck tats are niggerish

2017-11-04 03:28:07 UTC  

The chicks like my neck tats 😉

2017-11-04 03:28:20 UTC  

We wuz optics cucks n sheeit

2017-11-04 03:28:20 UTC  

Only thing I mind is face tats.

2017-11-04 03:28:34 UTC  

I dunno, even the normies around me have shit ton of ink.

2017-11-04 03:28:42 UTC  

optics policing isn't absolutely cucked. is it cucked to refuse to let a furry in to our march?