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my cousin works two weeks away from home at a time, he came home to find all his shit gone and his dog dead. found out his fiancee had left with some guy. any ideas on where to go from here?

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Anyone up there should go. NSM goys up north should be notified if not already.

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How the fuck they deny whats gping on there

2017-05-03 03:54:37 UTC  

Now Im torn. Nola or St Paul

2017-05-03 03:54:42 UTC  

Anyone here NSM?

2017-05-03 03:54:53 UTC  

Or at least northern?

2017-05-03 03:55:08 UTC  

Im unaffiliated. Chicago

2017-05-03 03:55:43 UTC  

Im almost tempted to say southerners go to NOLA, Northerners go to St. Paul

2017-05-03 03:55:57 UTC  

We need reps from both sides.

2017-05-03 03:56:27 UTC  

Hell I could run it through normie proudboy groups if need be

2017-05-03 03:56:28 UTC  

Is there a link for the Suidlanders speech details? Registration? Or hows it being held?

2017-05-03 03:58:11 UTC  

Yep thanks actually just found it

2017-05-03 03:58:32 UTC  

Ive been waiting to hear about when they were coming around.

2017-05-03 04:01:27 UTC  

Im in appalachia, it's a 13 hr drive to Minn. and Louisiana

2017-05-03 04:01:43 UTC  

So Im kinda fucked

2017-05-03 04:04:00 UTC  

AltCelt yes he is a tugger

2017-05-03 04:04:54 UTC  

Fuck. Thats terrible to hear man.

2017-05-03 04:05:01 UTC  

you work on tugs?

2017-05-03 04:05:06 UTC  

Thats what Ive been doing for almost 10 years.

2017-05-03 04:05:14 UTC  

nice where at?

2017-05-03 04:05:24 UTC  

Chicago area

2017-05-03 04:05:43 UTC  

i worked for a tug company for a year or so after i got out the navy

2017-05-03 04:06:02 UTC  

oh nice! not as much chipping and grinding on GL tugs i hear

2017-05-03 04:07:16 UTC  

it was something we had to deal with every day it got above 50 degrees where i worked lol

2017-05-03 04:12:01 UTC  

Someone who has more direct ties to NSM should pass that on to them

2017-05-03 04:12:07 UTC  

I know Heimbach is, but I'm not

2017-05-03 04:34:21 UTC  

McCarthy are you able to go?

2017-05-03 04:34:33 UTC

Hey comrades in Saint Paul, MN. Antifa is planning on assaulting an event by OUR guys.

2017-05-03 04:35:29 UTC  

I posted it earlier see above

2017-05-03 04:35:41 UTC  

Yep someone just posted a little bit ago along with the daily stormer article

2017-05-03 04:35:45 UTC  

Okay man, yeah I just saw that. Anyone make a thread on 8POL?

2017-05-03 04:35:48 UTC  

Is there

2017-05-03 04:36:05 UTC  

People are beating me at this shit, I gotta put it back together

2017-05-03 04:36:14 UTC  

I believe thats where im going. Its closer and Im a big Suidlanders supporter

2017-05-03 04:37:19 UTC  

I don't know much about them, but #makesouthafricawhiteagain

2017-05-03 04:42:17 UTC  

Basically them bringing their platform to the US and around the world is a pretty big deal. Theyre due to be on Infowars soon which is great bc thats a huge audience at least.

For Antifa to describe them like they did pretty much guarantees ill be paying them a visit.