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2017-10-02 06:31:22 UTC  

Mandalay Bay is a 43-story luxury resort and casino on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. It is owned and operated by MGM Resorts International.

2017-10-02 06:31:50 UTC  

"The New York Times reports that several SWAT teams were sent to the hotel, and officers reported being pinned down by gunfire, according to police scanner traffic. "

2017-10-02 06:32:25 UTC  

"The police reported clearing out Mandalay Bay’s 29th floor and working their way up to the 32nd floor, the Times reports. "

2017-10-02 06:32:49 UTC  

If it was on the high of a floor I doubt it is jihadi.

2017-10-02 06:32:57 UTC  

My bets are on a dindu

2017-10-02 08:38:48 UTC  

The girl is a pinoy

2017-10-02 09:26:26 UTC

2017-10-02 10:03:26 UTC  

From what I heard a nigger went on a rampage.
Let's see if it is that day.

2017-10-02 10:06:31 UTC  

NVM on nigger

2017-10-02 10:09:13 UTC  

Might be some white guy.

2017-10-02 10:09:35 UTC  

Or who TF knows

2017-10-02 11:06:58 UTC  

Alleged white guy name but searching for an asian female suspect. Antifa violence imo.

2017-10-02 11:47:29 UTC  

They've released the name and age, Stephen Paddock, 64

2017-10-02 11:47:34 UTC  

But no photo yet

2017-10-02 11:48:12 UTC  

Hes white

2017-10-02 11:48:16 UTC  

Theyre basking in it

2017-10-02 11:48:52 UTC  

Are they? You know Coulter's Law

2017-10-02 11:49:50 UTC  

"Oy Vey! It wuz a Holocaust Goyim!"

2017-10-02 11:50:11 UTC  

"Turn in all yer guns! Or Ill send the Tan ZOG Niggers on ya!"

2017-10-02 11:52:07 UTC  

Yea #DomesticTerrorism and #GunControlNow are flying about lol

2017-10-02 11:52:19 UTC  

They truly love it when this happens

2017-10-02 11:53:16 UTC  

"Im telling yuz! It's anuddah Holohoax! It's real in the mind goy!"

2017-10-02 11:54:14 UTC  

Rumors going around that he was a Sovereign Citizen

2017-10-02 11:57:35 UTC  

But shooting up a country music festival doesn't make sense

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2017-10-02 12:01:05 UTC  

Again I am calling False Flag.

2017-10-02 12:01:19 UTC  

Schlomo & pals wants to disarm us!

2017-10-02 12:04:10 UTC  

Could be

2017-10-02 12:06:27 UTC  

They seem to be saying "automatic weapon" a ton

2017-10-02 12:07:56 UTC  

Many suspect that it was a M249 SAW or AK 47 w/ a drum magazine.

2017-10-02 12:08:34 UTC  

what's the motive?

2017-10-02 12:09:21 UTC  

If you have a fucking SAW it is illegal, probably.

2017-10-02 12:09:28 UTC  


2017-10-02 12:10:07 UTC  

Though they even say Multiple Shooters.

2017-10-02 12:10:15 UTC  

Could have been "Falling Down 1993" type motive.

2017-10-02 12:10:32 UTC  

Yeah with a 20 kill count, 30 injured that is a number.

2017-10-02 12:10:47 UTC  

I heard 50 dead, 200 injured.

2017-10-02 12:11:02 UTC  

If that is real, it has to be a dual shooter.

2017-10-02 12:11:07 UTC  

If not a vet.