Message from tom (twp) in Far Right Escape Pod Alpha One #general

2017-06-07 23:47:59 UTC  

when's the next podcast

2017-06-07 23:48:40 UTC  

-. -

2017-06-07 23:50:20 UTC  

Nick me and u should start one Walrus and the Octokike

2017-06-08 00:04:00 UTC  


2017-06-08 00:04:19 UTC  

im trying to pull away from the kike stuff a little bit so

2017-06-08 00:04:22 UTC  


2017-06-08 00:04:40 UTC  

we need to bring the whole crew back

2017-06-08 00:04:47 UTC  

we need to do the shoe again

2017-06-08 00:04:57 UTC  

it was a good show

2017-06-08 00:05:13 UTC  

this time we can clean it up nice

2017-06-08 00:05:24 UTC  

we are all mich more refined now

2017-06-08 00:06:34 UTC  

Lol yeah we need to kill a chat of fb again that was fun as hell. Refined im not i have diarrhea of the mouth u never know what will come out

2017-06-08 00:07:04 UTC  

lmao thats good to have on a panel though

2017-06-08 00:10:52 UTC  

Yeah consider it though im wanting to do one me and you would do a good one. Of course im shooting for a voice changer program for myself....u k ow since i want to go into politics

2017-06-08 01:17:56 UTC  

Evening all.

2017-06-08 01:18:07 UTC  


2017-06-08 01:19:14 UTC  


2017-06-08 01:34:22 UTC  

mfw I get proper representation

2017-06-08 01:38:07 UTC  


2017-06-08 01:48:31 UTC  

What goes on today?

2017-06-08 02:10:11 UTC  

Well the kikes are still here unfortunately

2017-06-08 02:11:50 UTC  

Shame about that.

2017-06-08 16:03:11 UTC  


2017-06-08 16:03:13 UTC  


2017-06-08 16:03:31 UTC  

i am seriously considering attending the unite the right event

2017-06-08 16:03:53 UTC  

I will start saving money now planning days off

2017-06-08 16:04:04 UTC  

so hopefully i will meet alot of you

2017-06-08 16:24:03 UTC  

Can someone fill me in on the details about that?

2017-06-09 11:47:48 UTC  


2017-06-09 11:47:53 UTC  


2017-06-09 12:54:00 UTC  

Yeah me to if it fits with the trip i want to make to PA i may go to

2017-06-09 13:07:39 UTC  

hold on goys

2017-06-09 13:07:50 UTC  

let me find the event posting

2017-06-09 13:56:58 UTC  

It's in Charlottesville? Hell I live just south of Petersburg I'll definitely be there. I'll take the day off.

2017-06-09 15:20:19 UTC  

Just wondering any of you heard of our Local "domestic terrorist " Eric Rudolph. Saw an article on local paper today just got me thinking of the whole thing how he was less than a mile from fbi headquarters who were here looking for them. The liberals here utter his name as if he is Satan but to some of us he is a folk hero.

2017-06-09 15:21:24 UTC  

Was that the Facebook nigger?

2017-06-09 15:21:36 UTC  

Piece of animal garbage

2017-06-09 15:23:36 UTC  

No he was the atlanta Olympics abortion clinic and gay night club bomber.

2017-06-09 15:23:51 UTC  


2017-06-09 15:24:03 UTC  

That's awesome