Message from K Martin in tradworker #health_and_training

2018-01-27 21:54:06 UTC  

@K Martin are you moving out here for sure?

2018-01-27 21:54:28 UTC  

@Flaxxer Ohio flag best flag

2018-01-27 21:54:38 UTC  

Rectangular flags are too mainstream and Jewish

2018-01-27 21:54:43 UTC  

>stars and stripes

2018-01-27 21:54:51 UTC  

>imagine being that cucked

2018-01-27 21:55:00 UTC  

>embracing the Yankee Empire

2018-01-27 21:55:24 UTC  

Hey nigger listen here

2018-01-27 21:55:29 UTC  

The founding fathers were BASTE

2018-01-27 21:55:34 UTC  


2018-01-27 21:56:04 UTC  

Fuggin baste

2018-01-27 21:56:08 UTC  

Look at that American flag

2018-01-27 21:56:12 UTC  

Fuggin optics

2018-01-27 21:56:26 UTC  

@Flaxxer nah but its like 80%

2018-01-27 22:17:04 UTC  

We can start up a TWP chapter out here. I talked to Heimbach about it briefly but I only know one other woke nibba out here

2018-01-27 22:22:37 UTC  

Yeah The west isn't known for our values, but I'd be more than happy to help recruit when I get out there

2018-01-27 22:23:16 UTC  

despite my shitposts, I am quite good at that soet of thing.

2018-01-28 00:58:22 UTC  

When do you think you're gonna move out here?

2018-01-28 01:17:10 UTC  
2018-01-28 01:17:45 UTC  

Probably this summer, so like 6 months?

2018-01-28 01:26:35 UTC  

Anyone ever do keto?

2018-01-28 01:55:37 UTC  

Yeah. It's a pain in the ass though.

2018-01-28 01:56:38 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦ If you want results though, do it. bread is just a kike invetion that makes you fat.

2018-01-28 02:09:00 UTC  

I did keto. It worked great, was just expensive

2018-01-28 02:09:51 UTC  

What was most expensive?

2018-01-28 02:10:23 UTC  

It's just buying fresh meat all the time that's expensive @☦Colton of Yore☦

2018-01-28 02:11:10 UTC  

Sausage and eggs aren't too bad.

2018-01-28 02:11:22 UTC  

Bacon is kind of expensive I guess.

2018-01-28 02:12:02 UTC  

That's a good meal plan tbh eggs are cheap, but chicken and beef are the two true ingredients you want

2018-01-28 02:12:13 UTC  


2018-01-28 02:12:18 UTC  

Got some chicken too.

2018-01-28 02:12:37 UTC  

Had steak and eggs earlier.

2018-01-28 02:14:19 UTC  

I'm off it now since I'm a broke nibba with very little choice in meals, but tonight I had chicken and brocolli - and broolli is more than a david duke meme it's good shit coupled with a meat. It gives ya just the right ammount of energy

2018-01-28 02:14:50 UTC  

Can't go wrong with a steak.

2018-01-28 02:17:10 UTC  

Chicken thighs are perfect and cheap

2018-01-28 02:17:39 UTC  

Yeah that's why we feed them to our dogs every day kek

2018-01-28 02:17:48 UTC  

fuck the thighs

2018-01-28 02:18:17 UTC  

Our dogs do live like kangs though

2018-01-28 02:19:08 UTC  

every morning a cup of dog food, every night a half cup of dog food and a chicken thigh

2018-01-28 02:19:28 UTC

2018-01-28 02:54:26 UTC  

Keto is actually great for cutting fat , but better make sure you have a job that doesnt require much serious labor because without carbs you will feel exhausted

2018-01-28 02:55:51 UTC  

I'm going back on it