Message from Spiritchef in tradworker #tradworker

2018-03-06 13:11:58 UTC  

There's a fella I'm talking to on facebook that wants to see about joining

2018-03-06 13:12:16 UTC  

@Fash Dragon lives there

2018-03-06 13:12:34 UTC  

In the Rockford area specifically

2018-03-06 13:12:46 UTC  

Idk where he lives specifically but you can ask him

2018-03-06 13:12:55 UTC  

Not that it matters, if he joins I'm sure he's willing to make a drive for events.

2018-03-06 13:17:04 UTC  

For sure

2018-03-06 13:17:14 UTC  

That’s part of the gig haha

2018-03-06 13:18:06 UTC  

But it’s racist if our country does it even though we are “greatest allies”...

2018-03-06 13:18:12 UTC  

How the fuck does that work???

2018-03-06 13:18:38 UTC  

Should he just email from our site, or call our twp number?

2018-03-06 13:19:09 UTC  

I didn’t know we even had a line. Email

2018-03-06 13:21:42 UTC  

We have a line. Fancy.

2018-03-06 13:24:37 UTC  

Ahh, this guy was at Sville with us.

2018-03-06 13:26:37 UTC  


2018-03-06 13:57:05 UTC  

the comments are unanimously on our side

2018-03-06 13:58:37 UTC  

Every time antifa chimps out, we gain more support. Even passive support counts

2018-03-06 14:09:54 UTC  

Johan looks like a beast

2018-03-06 14:09:54 UTC  

I love the optics kvetching

2018-03-06 14:10:04 UTC  

I think this one really proved

2018-03-06 14:10:38 UTC  

That if you're 'right wing' or question the neo liberal order you're going to want the fascists by your side

2018-03-06 14:11:07 UTC  

Or atleast have a group that is ready to fight and defend you and themselves

2018-03-06 14:11:14 UTC  

people respect STRENGTH

2018-03-06 14:11:18 UTC  

The media makes it out like no one likes us

2018-03-06 14:11:20 UTC  

You’d be surprised

2018-03-06 14:11:28 UTC  

I know sooo many normies who like us

2018-03-06 14:11:35 UTC  

They’re just afraid to join or be associated

2018-03-06 14:11:37 UTC  


2018-03-06 14:11:43 UTC  

But most people do like us

2018-03-06 14:12:00 UTC  

People are sick of clown world ya know

2018-03-06 14:12:12 UTC  

Soooo, is the guy in the blue hoodie one of ours?

2018-03-06 14:12:15 UTC  

It's not for everyone. I just still cant believe we are what 2 years out of drumpf supporters getting herded in front of antifa?

2018-03-06 14:12:18 UTC  


2018-03-06 14:12:22 UTC  

From what I have read

2018-03-06 14:12:51 UTC  

And people still are kvetching about muh larping muh imagery

2018-03-06 14:13:13 UTC  

Let me know how those dress shoes and tie help you when the reds come charging at you

2018-03-06 14:13:25 UTC  

Open tie that is

2018-03-06 14:13:57 UTC  

Guys, optics are important. We need them so in 30-40 years when our grandchildren are being hunted down they can say "At least grandpa had really good optics" as they are being hunted like animals.

2018-03-06 14:14:10 UTC  

I mean really, priorities everyone. smh