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2018-01-31 22:10:49 UTC  

Meat is murder

2018-01-31 22:11:43 UTC  

I raised meat rabbits for a couple years...I will say it made me sad when I had to kill em...felt better once they were in muh belly

2018-01-31 22:12:43 UTC  

How much land you on?

2018-01-31 22:13:08 UTC  

A bit over a acre (cleared), but I have a few more acres of woods that are at my disposal

2018-01-31 22:13:50 UTC  

@John Mosby Rabbit meat?

2018-01-31 22:14:07 UTC  

I don't know if that will give you a lot of meat.....

2018-01-31 22:14:33 UTC  

I'm coming down on the 17th. Would you permit me to take a tour of the property? I could show you a couple wild food sources if you like

2018-01-31 22:14:37 UTC  

Unless you've got one of the giant ones the size of a dog.

2018-01-31 22:14:41 UTC  


Ya, Rabbit meat is one of the best meats there is...super high in protein, and their poop is the BEST for composting (u technically dont even have to compost it, as it is so clean).

2018-01-31 22:15:11 UTC  

@Fash Dragon

Most definitely

U can crash at my place, too, if u want

2018-01-31 22:15:23 UTC  

wish I could come down

2018-01-31 22:16:01 UTC  

@John Mosby I was hoping so!

2018-01-31 22:16:42 UTC  


I was raising Californian Rabbits, and u actually get a decent amount of meat off of them.

You pretty much kill the kits, as soon as they ween, which will net u a bit of meat, but if u kill a few, then that is plenty for a stew that will last a few rabbits takes only a few minutes, too

2018-01-31 22:17:27 UTC  

Yhea, I doubt you can feed a whole group with just rabbit meat.

2018-01-31 22:18:31 UTC  

That's the first time I have seen discord censor an image.

2018-01-31 22:18:46 UTC  

It just depends how many u raise...the term "fucking like rabbits" doesn't just come outa nowhere.

I started with 3 breeding pairs, and could hardly keep up with all the babies they produced, and keep producing at a constant rate.

2018-01-31 22:19:12 UTC  

Which brings into issue the food supply for them.

2018-01-31 22:19:34 UTC  

I put them in a rabbit tractor, and they just ate my money required to feed em.

2018-01-31 22:19:47 UTC  

In a what?

2018-01-31 22:20:31 UTC  

Really? I thought you would have had to gotten something like hay.

2018-01-31 22:21:19 UTC  

A bit in the winter, cuz the grass grows slowly, but I let my grass grow super long, before winter hits, so I have an abundant supply during the slowest growing months.

2018-01-31 22:21:52 UTC  

I would be concerned about them getting drenched in freezing cold water if you let them out during the winter.

2018-01-31 22:22:11 UTC  

I say to feed all the rabbits, I probably spent less than $100 a year (I supplemented them with some hay and pellets during the winter).

2018-01-31 22:22:40 UTC  

I covered the top with a tarp.

Winter is no problem for them...the summer can be a bitch...I lost a few to flies one year

2018-01-31 22:23:08 UTC  

Yhea, flies are naturally attracted to shit, and they shit like nothing on earth.

2018-01-31 22:24:02 UTC  

Ya, I would move the cage a couple times a day, and collect the shit for the garden, after I moved it.

What got my rabbits is when they had babies one time, the flies got to em before I knew they were getting attacked.

2018-01-31 22:24:36 UTC  

Wait, have you tried setting up fly net's around the cages so they can't get to them?

2018-01-31 22:24:46 UTC  

I never did...

2018-01-31 22:24:57 UTC  

Mate what the fuck.

2018-01-31 22:25:01 UTC  

I only had a problem one time, out of over 2 years.

2018-01-31 22:25:16 UTC  

That's like being asked to be eaten alive by flies and mosquito's.

2018-01-31 22:25:59 UTC  

Nah, they generally did fine.

We dont have many mosquitoes here...if u live somewhere with a bunch of em, then u probably would need to put up a net.

2018-01-31 22:26:11 UTC  

Yhea, I do.

2018-01-31 22:26:29 UTC  

We also get tons of ticks that have a fairly good chance of having lyme disease as well.