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2018-01-31 22:20:31 UTC  

Really? I thought you would have had to gotten something like hay.

2018-01-31 22:21:19 UTC  

A bit in the winter, cuz the grass grows slowly, but I let my grass grow super long, before winter hits, so I have an abundant supply during the slowest growing months.

2018-01-31 22:21:52 UTC  

I would be concerned about them getting drenched in freezing cold water if you let them out during the winter.

2018-01-31 22:22:11 UTC  

I say to feed all the rabbits, I probably spent less than $100 a year (I supplemented them with some hay and pellets during the winter).

2018-01-31 22:22:40 UTC  

I covered the top with a tarp.

Winter is no problem for them...the summer can be a bitch...I lost a few to flies one year

2018-01-31 22:23:08 UTC  

Yhea, flies are naturally attracted to shit, and they shit like nothing on earth.

2018-01-31 22:24:02 UTC  

Ya, I would move the cage a couple times a day, and collect the shit for the garden, after I moved it.

What got my rabbits is when they had babies one time, the flies got to em before I knew they were getting attacked.

2018-01-31 22:24:36 UTC  

Wait, have you tried setting up fly net's around the cages so they can't get to them?

2018-01-31 22:24:46 UTC  

I never did...

2018-01-31 22:24:57 UTC  

Mate what the fuck.

2018-01-31 22:25:01 UTC  

I only had a problem one time, out of over 2 years.

2018-01-31 22:25:16 UTC  

That's like being asked to be eaten alive by flies and mosquito's.

2018-01-31 22:25:59 UTC  

Nah, they generally did fine.

We dont have many mosquitoes here...if u live somewhere with a bunch of em, then u probably would need to put up a net.

2018-01-31 22:26:11 UTC  

Yhea, I do.

2018-01-31 22:26:29 UTC  

We also get tons of ticks that have a fairly good chance of having lyme disease as well.

2018-01-31 22:27:14 UTC  

We get ticks sometimes, but the rabbits seemed to be pretty resistant to them...I rarely found ticks on them, and I would handle them all the time, to keep em docile.

2018-01-31 22:27:52 UTC  

During the late summer, and all of fall, the ticks are EVERYWHERE in west NYS.

2018-01-31 22:28:20 UTC  

That sucks...I freaking HATE ticks...the worst are chiggers, though

2018-01-31 22:28:33 UTC  


2018-01-31 22:28:58 UTC  

Little bugs that get under your skin...they are the WORST

2018-01-31 22:29:27 UTC  

I don't think we get them here.

2018-01-31 22:29:56 UTC  

Thank God we dont get em here, either.

I got em BAD in Missouri before, though

2018-01-31 22:30:35 UTC  

"They are not present, or barely found, in far northern areas" HAH.

2018-01-31 22:31:53 UTC  

I'd never live anywhere those things are prolific...they definitely came from to bowels of Hell.

2018-01-31 22:32:46 UTC  

I woulden't doubt that if you purposefully went out into the swamp and dug through all of the mush and dirt in there you could find a few, but they are only prevalent in tropical and very moist area's, which we don't get in NYS.

2018-01-31 22:33:34 UTC  

The only time it get's extremely moist around here is during the summer before a big thunderstorm strikes.

2018-01-31 22:34:27 UTC  

It gets pretty wet here, but we are lucky to not really have em.

2018-01-31 22:34:37 UTC  

Even when I lived in Houston we didn't have them

2018-01-31 22:34:46 UTC  

Who know's, they might become more prevalent as time goes on.

2018-01-31 22:34:53 UTC  


2018-01-31 22:35:12 UTC  

They will hear u

2018-01-31 22:35:12 UTC  

Ticks were fairly uncommon here, but soon the population exploded and they became very prevalent.

2018-01-31 22:35:31 UTC  

We had a BAD tick problem last year, but we generally dont get them much

2018-01-31 22:36:19 UTC  

I remember I had maps from the CDC that showed the tick population from like 2012 to now, and it shows how much the tick population has grown.

2018-01-31 22:36:52 UTC  

Ill tell u what are spreading across the States, bad, are freaking fire ants.

2018-01-31 22:37:10 UTC  

Fire ants?

2018-01-31 22:38:06 UTC  

Sounds like an arizona, california, and texas thing.

2018-01-31 22:51:44 UTC  

They are making their way across the states...they are now popping up in TN.