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2019-06-14 10:55:20 UTC  

everyone that voted yes is a degenerate, rekt by bamboozle

2019-08-18 03:29:02 UTC  

hello my children


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i approve this ping

2019-09-11 18:53:44 UTC

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Bush did something

2019-09-30 17:45:40 UTC  
2019-10-09 04:08:08 UTC  

Someone stole Bell Delphine's hamster so she spray painted their car and painted a clown pepe on it


2019-10-13 02:19:15 UTC  

Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age

2019-10-17 09:45:58 UTC  

@everyone don't come to school tomorrow

2019-11-13 11:01:07 UTC  


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2019-12-20 00:18:47 UTC  

🍊 in 🍑

2019-12-24 23:26:52 UTC  

Twas the night before Christmas said the elf on the shelf, but Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself.

The man was then hung in the jail cell with care,
and allegedly Jeffery Epstein was the only one there.

Both the jail guards were nestled up snug in their bed,
and some thought perhaps Jeffrey Epstein's not dead.

And guard one in ‘kerchief, and two in his cap,
Had just settled their brains for a long winter’s nap.

When in the jail cell there arose such a clatter,
the guards seemed to not mind or perhaps to not matter.

A peek at their bank apps they took in a flash,
to see their stock options and piles of cash.

The camera mounted up in the cell though,
Gave a promising flash saying battery low.

When what to their wondering eyes might appear,
but Jeffery Epstein's lifeless body just hanging here.

With a little old bed sheet, wrapped tight on his neck,
we all knew in that moment the rich stacked the deck.

More rapid than eagles conspiracies came,
in memes, forwarded e-mails, even poems, how lame!

Now, Carter! now, Bob Dole! now, Trump even Clinton!
will not see a trial, not even a deposition!

But I heard him exclaim, that damned elf on the shelf
"Happy Christmas to all, Epstein didn't kill himself!"


2019-12-25 07:26:44 UTC  


our gift to you this year is a ping

2019-12-25 07:48:24 UTC  

Blessed Yul all you savages. @everyone
My stocking stuffer for yall is this gem. Enjoy it, lap it up, and have a good day.

2019-12-31 23:04:50 UTC  

@everyone welcome to the new world order

2019-12-31 23:04:58 UTC

2020-01-16 10:54:43 UTC  

Regarding anyone running Windows 10 on their device
The NSA has released an official, public statement urging everyone to update their Windows devices as soon as possible. An exploit has been identified in the current version of Windows 10 that can allow malicious software to be automatically installed on your computer, under the guise of approved Windows updates.

This means that very soon, hackers will be developing tools to be able to take control of and install malicious software to over 900 million PCs worldwide, with little to nothing that can be done to stop or remove the infected software due to the system believing it is from an approved Windows Update.

The NSA and US Department of Defense urges everyone on Windows 10 to update their computer IMMEDIATELY, as a fix for the exploit has already been released. Again, failing to update now will put your machine at extreme risk in the future.

To update, click the windows logo in the bottom left, click the cog, go to "update and security" and press "check for updates."

Links to the OFFICIAL NSA statement and a detailed news report are included below for you to read. @everyone

2020-01-16 17:42:55 UTC  

Oof. When my windows hasnt been able to take updates for months.

2020-01-17 02:00:46 UTC  
2020-01-17 02:01:07 UTC  

Very high quality 👌

2020-01-26 23:22:27 UTC

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

2020-02-05 01:44:36 UTC  

State of the Union today kiddos. Watch God Emperor Trump say America will never be Socialist again. @everyone

2020-02-05 01:45:07 UTC  

Says starts at 8:35 pm. I think that's pacific

2020-02-05 01:46:23 UTC  

Wait no it's about to start soon they are just late.

2020-02-05 01:46:38 UTC  

Yep starting now @everyone

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2020-03-10 22:22:00 UTC