Message from Antagonizer in Far Right Escape Pod Alpha One #identity_europa

2017-05-28 21:08:47 UTC  

Hey. What is IE doing on the 10th?

2017-07-05 05:46:38 UTC  

Hey IE, you guys know Modern Clarity? he was in IE but then "he left"

2017-07-05 08:01:17 UTC  

Hey, I'm in this group. But am in in IE.

2017-07-05 08:01:20 UTC  

TWP here.

2017-07-05 08:04:34 UTC  

I am TWP as well.

2017-07-05 08:04:58 UTC  

Though I do not mind allying up w/ IE.

2017-07-05 08:07:25 UTC  

I don't either man.
I used to be in NYF.

2017-07-05 08:08:33 UTC  

My TWP Chapter in Vegas is soon to form 😇

2017-07-05 08:08:51 UTC  

We already have a good idea on what we need to accomplish.

2017-07-05 08:09:45 UTC

2017-07-05 08:09:48 UTC  

this guy

2017-07-05 08:09:53 UTC  

anyone know him?

2017-07-05 08:09:59 UTC  

TWP Vegas niiiiiiice

2017-07-05 08:10:06 UTC  

No, why what's up with him?

2017-07-05 08:10:22 UTC  

hes an EX identity Europa member

2017-07-05 08:10:51 UTC  

Ahh, whats the concern with him? if you don't mind me asking.

2017-07-05 08:16:59 UTC  

hes been counter singnalling us hard, he had us shill for him but then turned around on us, i just wana know why he left Identity Europa, cause he seems kinda toxic if hes leaving groups like this after getting their support

2017-07-05 08:17:53 UTC  

You come across some interesting people in groups man.

2017-07-05 08:18:52 UTC  

Sometimes people are just not in the best mental state, it can also be stressful for individuals getting involved.

2017-07-05 08:19:17 UTC  

I mean is he like openly creating rumors, and lies? or what?

2017-07-05 08:19:53 UTC  

im worried hes dishonest and that hes using groups to try and gain followers while shit talking the people he just asked to shill him