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2019-12-16 23:54:37 UTC  


2019-12-16 23:54:51 UTC  

My dyed acus are eh

2019-12-16 23:54:51 UTC  

Looks really nice actually

2019-12-16 23:55:51 UTC  

I’m kinda digging it

2019-12-16 23:56:03 UTC  

I may have to dye one of my 3 sets

2019-12-16 23:56:24 UTC

2019-12-16 23:57:47 UTC  

If you gents would like to know how I did it. PM me. It’s fairly simple but I don’t want to spam

2019-12-16 23:59:24 UTC  

@Kalki-1776 shit looks Russian as fuck now lol

2019-12-16 23:59:35 UTC  

Lol that’s what I was thinking too

2019-12-17 00:00:25 UTC  

But it at least looks viable now

2019-12-17 00:02:11 UTC  

My group does live ammo land warfare training in the hills of the Rocky Mountains. I’ll be testing it’s effectiveness this month just on the range out there

2019-12-17 00:02:25 UTC  

I’ll let you know how it goes

2019-12-17 00:03:58 UTC  

But guys, I just want to point out that you don’t need to spend 100$ on a multicam set. You can dye old ACUs which have a fairly nice cut to them for basically nothing.

2019-12-17 00:17:45 UTC  

And yes, I’m sticking to AR670-1 sorry not sorry

2019-12-17 00:17:46 UTC  


2019-12-17 00:17:50 UTC  

I spend too much on obscure camos

2019-12-17 01:16:57 UTC  

>Blousing your boots

2019-12-17 01:17:00 UTC  

Fucking yikes

2019-12-17 01:17:37 UTC  

Bro, AR670-1

2019-12-17 01:18:01 UTC  

I was in the Marine Corps

2019-12-17 01:18:22 UTC  

Are you like, scared your sgt maj is gonna jump out of the bushes or something in bumfuck appalachia?

2019-12-17 01:19:37 UTC  

I honestly like my boots bloused, ACU pants are baggy as fuck

2019-12-17 01:19:41 UTC  

I'm all about presenting a neat appearance, don't get me wrong I still plan on shaving and getting hair cuts. But fuck blousing my boots and FUCK wearing a blouse all the time

2019-12-17 01:20:15 UTC  

Blouse over combat top.b

2019-12-17 01:20:49 UTC  

And if it is cold outside im wearing a fucking beanie. I dont give a fuck if it is daylight or not

2019-12-17 01:23:05 UTC  

Honestly, I just like the fact that the pants are less baggy when they are bloused

2019-12-17 01:24:46 UTC  

I’m certainly not going to throw a fit if I see someone without them. But I’m sure as hell better off if my boots are squared away

2019-12-17 01:26:25 UTC  

thats weird on ACUs. MARPAT feels like wearing normal boot cut hiking pants

2019-12-17 01:28:02 UTC  

Yeah, that’s the thing, honestly, I’m tailoring these pants

2019-12-17 03:39:14 UTC  

Also, I live in the Rocky Mountains, so having your boots bloused up with some gators is what needs to happen anyway in mountain warfare

2019-12-17 04:44:00 UTC  

I still blouse my shit

2019-12-17 04:44:07 UTC  

I hate it, but I do it

2019-12-17 04:50:16 UTC  

Honestly, it’s a preference thing, I prefer it because otherwise it feels fucked up

2019-12-17 04:51:39 UTC  

I feel sloppy otherwise

2019-12-17 04:51:58 UTC  

I so feel that

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2019-12-17 13:45:59 UTC

2019-12-17 13:47:21 UTC  

Yeah, I saw it. Crimes man strikes again

2019-12-17 13:49:22 UTC  

top tier page

2019-12-17 14:20:48 UTC