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2019-08-20 22:07:36 UTC  

I used to hate shit like that but it's grown on me as humor

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2019-08-20 22:07:59 UTC  

“*alphabet niggas*” the manga is better than the anime

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2019-08-20 22:08:24 UTC  

Wait til the live action adaptation

2019-08-20 22:08:43 UTC  

*no ones home*

2019-08-20 22:09:58 UTC  

"pick anything. Any object. Yep, that one's filled with tannerite too."

2019-08-20 22:11:25 UTC  

I'd make a poor soldier, but am an can get a lot done with nothing but God, Mary, some det cord and some critical thinking

2019-08-20 22:11:28 UTC  

Sometimes I legit forget maxwell is my middle name

2019-08-20 22:11:34 UTC  

it's a dope middle name

2019-08-20 22:11:44 UTC  

this is shamelessly stolen from the Beatles song, this name

2019-08-20 22:11:52 UTC  

Nah mine is Price-Maxwell lol

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2019-08-20 22:12:10 UTC  

still bad af

2019-08-20 22:12:32 UTC  

Mine's Patrick and I'm like 0% irish so

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2019-08-20 22:14:59 UTC  

Bet that's fun on saint pattys'

2019-08-20 22:15:14 UTC  

lol when I was like 22 I got a DUI on st pats at like 4am

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2019-08-20 22:15:26 UTC  

only strong st pats memory

2019-08-20 22:15:32 UTC  

yeah I was a piece of shit for a long time

2019-08-20 22:15:36 UTC  

it got old and painful

2019-08-20 22:15:50 UTC  

Live n learn

2019-08-20 22:15:55 UTC  

how it's done

2019-08-20 22:17:38 UTC  

@ottomagnus so any other table tops?

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2019-08-20 22:18:27 UTC  

The papal legate and I play a lot of 2e AD&D, but our little group likes d20 modern, starfinder, we'll play other editions of D&D within reason too

2019-08-20 22:18:30 UTC  

let's see

2019-08-20 22:18:39 UTC  

I can also run Traveller (1e Mongoose)

2019-08-20 22:18:51 UTC  

and some old school revival systems like ACKS

2019-08-20 22:19:03 UTC  

I've been doing it since 1996, and I love it all

2019-08-20 22:19:23 UTC  

^ this mans runs some pretty dope games. Best GM/ player I’ve met.

2019-08-20 22:19:38 UTC  

I would especially like to run a d20 modern campaign at some point that is military-oriented historical-fiction

2019-08-20 22:19:57 UTC  

or something involving espionage + supernatural shit

2019-08-20 22:20:40 UTC  

wow thanks for the compliment, in return I have to acknowledge that you're probably them ost committed and enthusiastic player I've had

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2019-08-20 22:20:59 UTC  

Few of us were running ideas about something like that

2019-08-20 22:21:51 UTC  

something like "the first Necroscope books x Contra with a less basic plot"

2019-08-20 22:21:57 UTC  

brb chow time

2019-08-20 22:36:24 UTC