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And thanks for rubbing it in about your career. Lol. I was robbed of mine. Nominated to USMA by the then-chairman of HASC, but disqualified from service by DODMERB. I even tried a direct commission years later when some requirements were slackened to ease the personnel deficit brought on by GWOT, but was again denied the chance to fight.

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Lol. How could you have known?! I'm picking. I just wanted to point out that I have desperately wanted that life from a young age (my grandfather did WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and my uncle graduated USMA in 1987), and I'm grateful we have men who have "seen the elephant" in our camp.

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We have lots of combat vets going I know lots of TWP are former military

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Our high school made us do a year-long project as Seniors, sort of like a junior dissertation. You did a paper and some sort of physical project, presenting both in a formal lecture at year end in order to graduate. I did a detailed study comparing the German campaign in France, 1940 to Operation Desert Storm. Many civilians are still unaware of the Stryker ICV family. At 16, I was closely following its development and knew I wanted eventual command of one of the brigade combat teams.

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My inability to wear the uniform has left a tremendous void in my life, with which only my children and this movement have enabled me to cope.

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That sucks

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But strikers suck also 😊

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Lol. Yes, I have taken some solace in the fact that they've sort of turned out like the second coming of the early Bradleys.

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Now they look like rolling fences with all the anti RPH cadges on them

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RPG even

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Do the men in the field like any of the light armor options? How has the MRAP been received?

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TBH I was a light fighter i liked the 1157 HMMWVS

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The MRAPS are great but suck for Iraq do to how narrow the roads are

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A lot of places they can't go

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So you have to dismount Outsode the town and go in on foot

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They are massive. They're put together here in South Carolina, down in Ladson.

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Really a war that should never have been fought.

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My best friend - also a Patrick, and still a Marine - fought through the whole battle of Nasiriyah right at the beginning of the war. He said it was the most miserable two weeks imaginable.

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Stryker > sdkfz 251

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I dunno, man. There's nothing like the 251/16. The only thing better than flammenwerfer? Flammenwerfer x 2! Amirite?

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Ever ridden in one? Lol

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What about a stern panzer

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Well, no. That would be a once-in-a-lifetime affair.

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You know some militaries still use the Sd.Kfz it is a modernized version but Romania , Fhe Chezec republic , Hungry and some of the Balkans nations still use them

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I knew Hungary, but not the others. That's awesome. Yeah, the Balkans love their German weapons. It's the last place still using 7.92x57 ("8mm Mauser") in any quantity. Which is a shame, because it's a damn good round. I have one of the Egyptian contract FN-49 rifles chambered for it.

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Gotta get your reenact on son

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That's glorious! Heil Hitler!

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You've probably seen this short film (4 parts), then. But in case you haven't:

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Features StuGs and a couple 251/16s.

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We had trucks too lol

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In what part of the country do you live?

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No shit. So you do the Bulge show at Indiantown Gap?

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Those pics are from the Reading airshow and Fort Indiantown Gap event

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I did

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Haven't reenacted in a couple years though

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Nice. I'm actually originally from Scranton, and went back there for my undergraduate work.