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Definitely going white on that one

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@Deleted User «
Fascism is an ideology that rejects capitalism, communism, anarchism, and libertarianism
It has no clearly defined goals except ultra nationalism and cultural homogeny
However I still think it's neat»

2018-05-30 20:41:52 UTC  

sorry for not reading it earlier

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that's an incomplete definition

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and is a definition based off the enemy

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I was trying to define it as broadly as possible

2018-05-30 20:42:32 UTC  

there's better ways to define fascism, that do not need to mention (((capitalism, communism, anarchism, libertarianism, liberalism)))

2018-05-30 20:42:39 UTC  

well you have a narrow definition then?

2018-05-30 20:42:50 UTC  

something precise, what you think is defining at its very core

2018-05-30 20:43:17 UTC  

A narrow definition is to: stop cultural marxism, stop white genocide, support the family unit, strengthen our borders, and kill furries

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Killing furries should be the top priority for fascism

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@Deleted User I guess that's still not what I was expecting - you still are fixated on the degenerate now and the fact that it must be removed, but not on why

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do you want my definition?

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go for it

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and well it's not my definition, but I'd consider it one of the best definitions (as far as I can reproduce it anyways)

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neetsocs btfo

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it is a worldview that promotes Truth and Cosmic Order in all things; thus the immediate goal is the restoration of individual and collective Truth and Order

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Truth operates on many levels, from the Cosmic, racial, ethnic, familial and finally individual

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I long for some actual order in this world

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thus results nationalism - because defending the nation IS part of each of our (Ethnic) National Truths

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yes indeed

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@gay nigger faggot was it liquid

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thus result all the fascist movements and ideologies of each country

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each one unique since it conforms to the Ethnic and Racial Truth of that country, ethnicity more precisely

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>not using the picture of Brevik Roman Saluting

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