Message from TiborSzalasi-MI in Charlottesville 2.0 #flags_banners_signs

2017-07-30 15:02:52 UTC  

i bet that is expensive as shit

2017-07-30 15:05:19 UTC  

This has a 3A rating. It's not rated for your rifle calibers but it'll go up to a 44 Magnum

2017-07-30 15:07:22 UTC  

yeah I was looking at the 3+ stuff

2017-07-30 15:07:37 UTC  

the lightweight 3+ looks decent

2017-07-30 15:07:48 UTC  

@greg-ky were you wearing that to the rally?

2017-07-30 15:08:08 UTC  

600 a set

2017-07-30 15:10:18 UTC  

so double the price of AR500, how does it do against multiple hits I wonder

2017-07-30 15:11:13 UTC  

I'm going to bring it with the plates. But I will probably end up putting the stab-proof sheet metal in just because of weight and Heat concerns

2017-07-30 15:11:57 UTC  

I was debating on bringing mine or not.

2017-07-30 15:12:12 UTC  

I don't expect to be on the front lines, but you never know

2017-07-30 15:12:20 UTC  

I am bringing my kevlar though

2017-07-30 15:13:52 UTC  

Bulletsafe makes a real nice 3A Kevlar vest for 299$. I thought about purchasing one of those but money is a little tight with the trip.

2017-07-30 15:14:09 UTC  

I'm in the process of painting my shield

2017-07-30 15:14:35 UTC  

yeah i meant my kevlar helmet

2017-07-30 15:15:10 UTC

2017-07-31 16:40:32 UTC  

@FashyPolack don't use Vanguard America's propaganda if you're going to crop out our website and name and not give us credit

2017-07-31 16:59:09 UTC  

Idea: people from out-of-state should bring a flag from their state

2017-07-31 16:59:20 UTC  

It would be cool to see all the different flags from those represented

2017-07-31 17:09:05 UTC  

States from the south should fly their Confederate State Flag.

2017-07-31 17:35:43 UTC  

1/4" cold rolled will stop virtually all handgun threats, and rifle up to about 2300 fps. 7.62x39 will put a hell of a wollop on it but wont penetrate

2017-07-31 17:35:53 UTC  

5.56 will slice right through

2017-07-31 17:37:28 UTC  

IIIa will also stop 12 gauge 00 buck and slugs, though you'll likely need a trip to the hospital from a slug hit.

2017-07-31 17:42:28 UTC  

I don't think we will be needing rifle plates soft IIIA should be good enough more worried about knives then being shot

2017-07-31 17:43:58 UTC  

Just go with aluminum linked chain mail for knife attacks. Don't ask me where to find one or how to get fitted though 😂

2017-07-31 17:44:36 UTC  

Most Level 3A is also stab resistant

2017-07-31 17:45:16 UTC  

I will be bringing a plate carrier but it will be in my bug out bag with my long gun...

2017-07-31 20:44:17 UTC  

@jackwhite : I never cropped anything, simply saw a cool poster and shared it. Nothing but respect for VA.

2017-08-01 12:28:22 UTC  

Anybody planning on doing a horizontal banner like this?

2017-08-01 13:03:19 UTC  

The horizontals.... if built and manned well, are pretty good at holding a perimeter

2017-08-01 13:14:08 UTC  

@The Goy Scout Yes and they are also good for screening movement within the formation

2017-08-01 13:19:13 UTC  


2017-08-01 16:28:03 UTC  

Hey where do you goys get your flags made?

2017-08-01 18:25:07 UTC  


2017-08-01 18:25:10 UTC  

makes flags

2017-08-01 18:26:05 UTC  

Thanks bro

2017-08-06 00:29:31 UTC  

Any one know what a good material for a flag to be made out of is? I want to order one but don't know what material is shit and whats not.

2017-08-06 00:49:22 UTC  

Seems these days nylon and polyester are the standards. I'm not sure what's best for whatever printing method you're using.

2017-08-06 02:42:30 UTC  

@Baeravon danke

2017-08-07 01:17:49 UTC  

I have 2 flagpoles about 6 ft 1.25" wooden dowels. Should I cut one shorter for the rally? Anyone know if there is there any legal restrictions on length of that kind of thing in the city?