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2017-08-18 01:48:11 UTC  

May I have a moment of autism plz? This motherfucker is buying up tickets to a Trump rally so that no one shows up to it and the people who do will be outnumbered by Antifa.

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Yeah you're here! Nice

2017-08-18 04:01:10 UTC  

Do you have info to contribute?

2017-08-18 04:01:15 UTC  

What is theme?

2017-08-18 04:01:38 UTC  

Doxing antifaggots

2017-08-18 04:02:05 UTC  

I'm working on one. What channel does the info go in?

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2017-08-18 04:02:23 UTC  

They were bitches last night in my town

2017-08-18 04:02:27 UTC  

Post picture along with info

2017-08-18 04:02:45 UTC  

I have photos but no names from last night

2017-08-18 04:02:58 UTC  

Here is the pastebin I will be updating with all the info
Spread it freely

2017-08-18 04:03:15 UTC  

You're doing the lord's work, my friend.

2017-08-18 04:03:43 UTC  

@agilekat search local antifa pages on fb and try to link faces with names. Then pass info along here

2017-08-18 04:04:07 UTC  

@I Am Not A Gerbil has guys that can dig into things if you have a starting point

2017-08-18 04:04:19 UTC  

I love how Antifa are so retarded and establishmentarian that they don't even hide their identity anymore. It is going to be their downfall.

2017-08-18 04:09:29 UTC  

Taking a break for today

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@I Am Not A Gerbil great work brother. Tag me when you're ready tomorrow and I'll be here

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2017-08-18 04:10:35 UTC  

Remember the Germans ;_;

2017-08-18 04:10:49 UTC  

They were the first, in many ways

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2017-08-18 06:55:08 UTC  

Timmy Matlock here, save all communist faggots you get. I'm going to set up the final faggot registry we'll need, weev will throw it on the Stormer.

2017-08-18 06:55:46 UTC  

oh shit I know you on facebook

2017-08-18 06:55:49 UTC  

@Lupus_Dei - NC has the paste bin. Although he doesnt have pictures I dont think

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"If you aint here you aint white"

2017-08-18 06:56:21 UTC  

@I Am Not A Gerbil I have pictures uploaded to imgur with links in the pastebin

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2017-08-18 06:57:25 UTC  

@oxycolton here's a link to all the information I've compiled. We're updating it regularly as well

2017-08-18 07:16:31 UTC  

Bookmarked, I'm gonna hit y'all up later to see if y'all have corresponding pictures on deck. We're gonna SPLC style these fuckers, and if my domains go down it'll still be on an .onion

2017-08-18 07:20:23 UTC  

Sweet. Yeah I have an imgur link above each name so their information can be attached to a face

2017-08-18 07:26:43 UTC  

Perfect. Buying the domain later, once weev and I set the site up it'll be front page on DS

2017-08-18 07:28:19 UTC  

My tactic that has worked before on leftists that aren't Jews is putting them with anti-Zionist left and pegging them as holocaust deniers so I'll do that as I can.