Message from ETBrooD in Athens #piraeus_politics_news

2019-09-09 06:53:16 UTC  

If I noticed similar things, I avoided those men

2019-09-09 06:53:20 UTC  

That's instinct

2019-09-09 06:53:27 UTC  

Of course.

2019-09-09 06:53:31 UTC  

As you should.

2019-09-09 06:53:34 UTC  


2019-09-09 06:53:42 UTC  

versus a single cunty classmate

2019-09-09 06:53:51 UTC  

Kids can't make the distinction that these things don't mean anything *neccessarily*

2019-09-09 06:53:54 UTC  

in fucking grade school

2019-09-09 06:53:59 UTC  

So they broadly profile people just to be safe

2019-09-09 06:54:10 UTC  

This is a perfectly normal thing to do

2019-09-09 06:54:48 UTC  

Everyone does it.

2019-09-09 06:54:57 UTC  

no, according to you its the comparatively "strong" thing to do

2019-09-09 06:55:19 UTC  

Yes, as I just explained. You can't protect yourself from something that you can't notice.

2019-09-09 06:55:34 UTC  

protect myself from a whinging little shit kid classmate?

2019-09-09 06:55:37 UTC  

oh perish the thought

2019-09-09 06:55:41 UTC  

For example

2019-09-09 06:56:23 UTC  

The conclusion may be different. Maybe you respond only to that one bully, but maybe you also look for patterns.

2019-09-09 06:56:42 UTC  

My brain looked for obvious patterns, for example in the case of my dad.

2019-09-09 06:56:45 UTC  

wasn't even a bully, he just wouldn't shut the fuck up and leave me alone

2019-09-09 06:56:55 UTC  

Well alright

2019-09-09 06:57:04 UTC  

That's not the biggest deal then

2019-09-09 06:57:33 UTC  

Oregon schools didn't really have bullies, they had ratty little provacative shits who just drew you out into faculty's line of sight so suddenly you're the bad guy

2019-09-09 06:57:39 UTC  

Would anyone here avoid a 20-man sized group toting ISIS flags?

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2019-09-09 06:57:53 UTC  

Wouldn't even think twice

2019-09-09 06:58:01 UTC  

I'd pick up my AR and start shooting.

2019-09-09 06:58:05 UTC  

depends if I was armed

2019-09-09 06:58:12 UTC  


2019-09-09 06:59:20 UTC  

It's an extreme example, but that's based on what you know of them.

2019-09-09 06:59:27 UTC  

So, that's a form of discrimination, is it not?

2019-09-09 06:59:54 UTC  

ISIS is an ideology. anyone could be under that flag.

2019-09-09 07:00:10 UTC  


2019-09-09 07:00:24 UTC  

brood's whinging about race and shit

2019-09-09 07:01:15 UTC  

Fair enough, but we all know who it is most strongly associated with, the pattern so to speak.

2019-09-09 07:01:49 UTC  

except the argument against similar race baiters on the left is that Islam isn't a race

2019-09-09 07:01:54 UTC  

I'm not whinging about race you fool

2019-09-09 07:02:09 UTC  

sound pretty fuckin whingey

2019-09-09 07:02:22 UTC  

And, you are still basing your decision upon material observations, however.