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the varg emoticons are 10/10

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i told my dad about the commies who wanna take the sam houston monument down

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he wants to go to the protest now kek

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Is he gonna come set them on fire?

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South shall rise again

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@everyone Does anyone know any hard hit White communities that could benefit from something like this?

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Welcome @Biwwy out newest member from gerogia

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My goy

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Thanks fellow goys

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You better do irl shit

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Yea I plan on it lad

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Good shop

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Thanks I guess?

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Wait, is that a shop?

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I thought it was someone else

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Can't even go to the Houston thing

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Is it the guy from AU that got arrested for vandalism?

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Is that benji backer 's body

2017-05-30 04:41:08 UTC  

Yeah it's zeigler

2017-05-30 04:41:21 UTC  

Yeah ok, it is who I thought it was

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- From Dillon

@everyone Ladies and Gentlemen, as your fearless leader, I have taken the liberty to step up the action and reaction times of Vanguard America. I want everyone to understand that what I am about to say is a live action drill. On June 10th in Houston, Texas, Antifa will attempt to defile and destroy the statue of Sam Houston and wipe another page of our history off the books. We, as an organization devoted to the preservation of our ancestry, heritage, American pride, and forefathers, cannot allow this travesty to come to fruition. Currently the timeline of a national meet for this organization has been pushed forward to JUNE 10TH in Houston, TX. Further planning and coordination will come down the pipe ASAP. All able bodied and capable members will plan to attend this event. All senior staff and state commanders will be briefed tomorrow. All national members will be briefed shortly after. Gentlemen, this is our day to shine in the glory of the black sun. This will be our day. God speed, Deus Vult and may we be blessed this day.

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Have fun in Houston can't even go

2017-05-30 04:42:01 UTC  

Sure you can.

2017-05-30 04:42:05 UTC  

Nope can't