Message from God in Southern Front #general

2017-06-26 10:20:28 UTC  

@SonderSchutz TX yea he was a cunt however I was more fascinated with his speeches I watch them in subtitles so I can ignore the bitching

2017-06-26 10:28:53 UTC  

Good morning everyone. @Thomas Ryan I have some ideas when our commander wakes up

2017-06-26 10:29:33 UTC  

Rust is god tier

2017-06-26 10:30:45 UTC  

@God did you check out the <#328573447703756810> operations?

2017-06-26 10:32:21 UTC  


2017-06-26 10:40:32 UTC  

Feel like going on that run? No exact date yet well hit your area and @Stephen -FL next also

2017-06-26 10:40:58 UTC  

Im not sure when I'll be in FL

2017-06-26 10:41:14 UTC  

Was supposed to leave tomorrow, but no money.

2017-06-26 10:41:43 UTC  

Coming back?

2017-06-26 10:42:28 UTC  

Yeah, I'm in NJ right now. I just really need the money to get down to FL

2017-06-26 10:45:04 UTC  

Okay maybe as more people get on Today we can see if anyone can help ride you down if you can make it to GA I can get you from there but GA is about as far as I can go with work and all

2017-06-26 10:45:48 UTC  

It's not that, I'm bringing my truck with me

2017-06-26 10:46:08 UTC  

So no gas money then lol?

2017-06-26 10:46:10 UTC  

I legit only need gas money, but its gonna be fucking expensive

2017-06-26 10:46:20 UTC  

Yea it is

2017-06-26 10:46:40 UTC  

F350 5.4 gasser :^)

2017-06-26 10:46:46 UTC  

Kill me

2017-06-26 10:47:51 UTC  

350 ffs what's that a 32 gallon tank

2017-06-26 10:48:02 UTC  

Not sure

2017-06-26 10:48:16 UTC  

But its about 100$ to fill my tank

2017-06-26 10:49:12 UTC  

Yea so it is probably lasts pretty short to gas map it and see how much estimated it's going to cost by mileage

2017-06-26 10:50:26 UTC  

I need like $200ish for gas

2017-06-26 10:50:43 UTC  

Eh, I'll get it somehow

2017-06-26 10:55:49 UTC  

Good because I need everyone I can get to help with this one Florida is about to see that the vanguard is here

2017-06-26 11:04:50 UTC  

I'm down

2017-06-26 11:05:20 UTC  

I am supposed to be moving next weekend but I will work around it

2017-06-26 11:22:58 UTC  

How far? Hopefully not out of state It's okay if you have to move these things take careful planning

2017-06-26 11:37:16 UTC  

I'm moving about ten minutes west. So it's a pretty easy move.

2017-06-26 11:45:49 UTC  

ah okay lol yea it is west is closer to pinellas to isn't it?

2017-06-26 11:55:14 UTC  

Antifa video talking about their recent arrests, the felony charges, and the front they see themselves fighting on.

2017-06-26 11:59:06 UTC  

Haha yep I'm 10 minutes closer @Kevin FL

2017-06-26 12:09:51 UTC

2017-06-26 12:25:12 UTC  


2017-06-26 13:59:44 UTC  

@Eric TX Send me a DM

2017-06-26 14:01:08 UTC  

<@&327489067526651905> do I have everyone in FL on my friends list I'm mostly on mobile so it complicates it

2017-06-26 14:21:20 UTC

2017-06-26 14:21:22 UTC

2017-06-26 14:21:26 UTC  

I'm no going to comment on behalf of VA but uh..

2017-06-26 14:22:30 UTC  

I'm not sure I understood what's going on here?

2017-06-26 14:22:50 UTC