Messsage from The Don GA in Southern Front #general

The Don GA 2017-08-12 15:54:07  


Nathan TX 2017-08-12 15:55:45  

Ok imma watch it

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 15:57:16  

Antifa is trying to start fights it looks like

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 15:58:48  

According to a guy in the Bowl cut server the police declared it an unlawful assembly on this stream

Chris TX 2017-08-12 16:00:15  

There's nothing they can do to stop the awakening of our people. They're scared. And they should be.

Chris TX 2017-08-12 16:00:32  

These white cowards and traitors on the left need to be purged.

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:05:21  

It looked like one of the IE guys was injured

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:05:31  

And it looks like the police are against our boys and are escorting them out

Norman - WA 2017-08-12 16:05:39  

Are they clearing the park/

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:06:26  

That's lame

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:06:39  

They should be on our side

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:06:50  

The other idiots carry anti police signs

Chris TX 2017-08-12 16:07:29  

Yeah one side is anti police. The other is staunchly pro police...but the police have to be impartial.

The Don GA 2017-08-12 16:11:35  

Just incite a riot already

Norman - WA 2017-08-12 16:14:42  

fuck, getting rough

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:14:46  

You guys see all the red flags flying

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:14:54  


Norman - WA 2017-08-12 16:15:02  

I see a bunch of green and black nigger flags or whatever those are

Norman - WA 2017-08-12 16:16:59  

Antifa throws shit like fucking faggots

The Don GA 2017-08-12 16:17:42  

Beat their shit in

Billy Merse 2017-08-12 16:18:18  


Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:18:33  
Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:18:46  

Well shit

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:19:05  

The commies don't seem to be going anywhere

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:19:20  

Yeah I heard that

Chris7577TX 2017-08-12 16:19:21  

Nah,they just have to move patks

stormbjornn 2017-08-12 16:19:24  

Spencer is heading to the other park. He's in a car with Duke.

Chris7577TX 2017-08-12 16:19:31  

Spencer got maced twice.

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:19:31  

I sse

Andrew-- 2017-08-12 16:19:33  
Andrew-- 2017-08-12 16:19:46  

People in the cville chat are saying he is driving to second location

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:19:47  



Andrew-- 2017-08-12 16:19:56  

@Fox Tx hey fox

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:20:20  

man there's some low T lard asses in the left wing crowd

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:20:32  

Police are moving in on the antifa line

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:21:48  


Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:21:50  


Andrew-- 2017-08-12 16:21:57  

ACLU Virginia is giving pretty good updates

Nathan TX 2017-08-12 16:22:05  


Andrew-- 2017-08-12 16:22:06  

They are neutral