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2017-07-02 19:55:37 UTC  

It depends where are you at

2017-07-02 19:57:44 UTC  

So some of the Chileans are white? Like some Indians are part of that Indo-Aryan race, just most of them are shitskins?

2017-07-02 19:58:07 UTC  

Determining ethnicity in non-european origin hurts my brain sometimes tbh

2017-07-02 19:58:32 UTC  

Yeahs I guess

2017-07-02 19:58:41 UTC  

Hurts my heart too when I think about how much some of these sister races have been bred out

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I'm going to send 100

2017-07-02 20:04:11 UTC  

Anyone know of a faster way to do this?

2017-07-02 20:04:18 UTC  

I want to send it to every 254 number

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Whoever came up with that phrase 👌

2017-07-02 20:13:20 UTC  

Lathan there are online mass texting lists but I think you pay for them, similar to buying YouTube views

2017-07-02 20:27:59 UTC  

Lmao wonderful

2017-07-02 20:57:58 UTC  

This is easy to do. I used to play stupid games on my phone when I was bored. This is more satisfying

2017-07-02 21:00:18 UTC  

I'm busy trying to figure out how to get out of debt lol

2017-07-02 21:06:43 UTC  

How deep are you? And for what? @Kevin FL

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Not to bad about 2k to my parents they covered us I guess I never told you guys my step son has this rare disease SIJA that has now branched off into other things since his full body MRA scan he showed 5 lesions in his brain serval tumors in his chest been so where waiting to see where that goes we where told he's at high risk for stroke and seizures they go up to Gainesville every other week for infusion treatment to try to keep the SIJA under control he's got it rough for a 10 year old who can barely walk half the time

2017-07-02 21:12:30 UTC  

Holy shit

2017-07-02 21:12:39 UTC  

that sucks BAD

2017-07-02 21:15:05 UTC  

It's rough we gotta give him injections every Monday that make him sick as a dog for two days it's just one big cosmic wtf on top of that he's allergic to everything but I take him as my own son I knew what I was signing up for

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I had to do that as a kid

2017-07-02 21:16:17 UTC  

Last time they did a allergy test

2017-07-02 21:16:19 UTC  

When I was 8

2017-07-02 21:16:33 UTC  

that stuff sucks

2017-07-02 21:17:40 UTC  

Turns you into a pin cushion

2017-07-02 21:18:29 UTC  

Well that sucks I hope your son gets better

2017-07-02 21:18:45 UTC  

((Big Pharma)) Really fucks you over

2017-07-02 21:19:33 UTC  

@Kevin FL God Speed my dude

2017-07-02 21:20:22 UTC  

We where told he will never get better but we do our best to improve his quality of life and yea they hit us for 1.9k for the last injections for whatever reason insurance or how the doctor ordered it wasn't written up properly

2017-07-02 21:20:50 UTC  

Having a kid in today's world is scary

2017-07-02 21:21:05 UTC  

Children are especially vulnerable to soft kill (((they))) are pumping us up with

2017-07-02 21:21:16 UTC  

I've noticed every other kid now-a-days has issues

2017-07-02 21:21:31 UTC  

Autism is actually an epidemic and ADHD is literally everywhere

2017-07-02 21:22:18 UTC  

My friend's younger siblings are basically retarded and this goes for multiple friends of mine

2017-07-02 21:24:57 UTC  

I've noticed that also I'm honestly not sure what could be causing it food water something there's plenty of theory's I don't buy into the no cure factor though there's a cure for everything

2017-07-02 21:25:01 UTC  

@Kevin FL my prayers

2017-07-02 21:25:09 UTC  

Thank you