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Athens strives to be a bastion of **FREE SPEECH** in an ever-shrinking world. however, as we are using **DISCORD**, we are subject to their **COMMUNITY GUIDELINES** and **TERMS OF SERVICE**.
It also must be noted that we have 1000s of users here and while you may get away with bending discords guidelines in your personal servers, a server this size gets attention and cannot afford to step outside of these guidelines.

Also due to the size of the server, certain disruptive behaviours have been added to our rules, this is to keep the server usable and pleasant for everyone.

+Those caught or suspected of breaking the rules will be sent to a holding area where the Hoplites will talk to them and decide how this can be prevented in the future. Cooperation with Hoplites in this area is highly recommended.

-Trying to loop hole around the servers rules will still be treated as a broken rule if it is obvious to moderators that your intent was to get around our rules.-```

Several things in Athens are treated with a zero tolerance rule. These are as follows;

2019-05-20 12:54:37 UTC  

-There are NO NSFW CHANNELS here in Athens.-

This means that any NSFW content can result in action against both the offending member and the server as detailed in the Discord TOS. This includes NUDITY, GORE, ANIMAL ABUSE and LEWD/SUGGESTIVE IMAGARY. As a rule of thumb, if you have to ask, it's probably NSFW.
-As an additional note, content* that shows reverence to any mass shooting or killing is also prohibited. ```
-The sharing of people's personal documents and identification is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please respect each other's right to privacy.-

While not strictly prohibited we do recommend that you do not share these documents even if they are your own; If you are under the age of legal consent (18), please refrain from sharing any documents that may lead to your personal private Identity.```
-RECORDING or STREAMING any of the voice channels without the consent of all parties present in the voice channel is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in this server.-

It is common courtesy not to broadcast others without their knowledge. The exceptions to this are Pynx (Streaming) as it is labelled as a livestream channel and the Speaker's Platform (Live) channel which is used primarily for Subscribestar live shows, however you are only able to talk there if invited to do so by the streamer.```
-Do not use Athens as a coordination point or launch pad for any organization of, or participation in raids or other forms of harassment. Do not engage in or post content encouraging the harassment of individuals or communities.-```

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-Participating in raids is prohibited.-

Those suspected of being part of a raid will be thrown into the cells to assure the quality of the server and the safety of its users, if mods suspect you to only be here for that purpose you will be removed from the server permanently.
Likewise with the false flagging rules organising a raid against another server is also strictly prohibited.```

The voice channels are meant to be used to discuss topics and communicate as equals.
-The intentional and/or repeated disruption of chats will not be tolerated.- ```

We have a large number of users in this server and if every member took part in the following behaviours the server would be unusable, therefore in the interest of fairness all members are prohibited from participating in spam.```
Some examples of spam are as follows:
* Multichannel posting, do not post your message in every channel on the server, this will result in the deletion of the messages in every channel for which it is not appropriate/warnings being issued or for more serious/repeated cases further action being taken against you by our mod team. Pick the most appropriate channel.

* Image spam, please do not upload large numbers of images in quick succession. This may result in you getting celled by the anti-raid bot that Athens employs.

* Emote spam, these are a fun way to react to posts & convey an emotion to other users, do not abuse this as it is incredibly annoying for other users to open a channel to a wall of emotes.

* Copypastas, refrain from using these as they are also incredibly annoying, & may get you celled by the anti-raid bot that Athens employs.

* Mis-channeling.

* Being deliberately disruptive.

< Note that this is not an exhaustive list, and finding new ways to cause disruption not previously specified will still see you pulled up by our moderation team. >```

2019-05-20 12:55:14 UTC  

-Any illegal activity discovered on the server by moderation staff will result in a report against that account to discord and the offending user having action taken against them in the server.```

-Incitement is not free speech. Threats or calls to violence are illegal and will be treated as such.```

-Any content found to be malicious in nature will be removed that the poster punished.
Malicious content includes but is not limited to; Corrupted files, Files with the purpose of crashing Discord, viruses, phishing attempts, and spyware.```

-If you have been banned from this server and are found on another account, you will be banned again without warning.

+Bans are usually permanent, however if you were banned for being uncooperative when celled, you may contact a moderator to have this reviewed IF you are willing to return and be cooperative, this will be done on a case by case basis and any second chances given in this event will be treated as a final chance.```

2019-05-20 13:24:25 UTC  

-This channel is where users who have been found in contempt of the rules of Athens, the Discord Community guidelines, and the Discord TOS, will be sent and dealt with.

This is a private channel where you will converse with the moderation team and an agreement will hopefully be reached to prevent this from happening again.

-If no agreement can be reached you will be removed from the server.
+If you leave the server while you have the <@&462377695540674561>d role, you will retain that role when you try to return.```

+As the moderation team cannot be in every channel at all times, any user who notices that another user has acted in contempt of the rules outlined above can make use of the Report feature. ```
Below is an example of how to do this
```?report @user reason for the report```
+Please remember to include the report reason for the report so that the moderation staff can quickly understand the issue and efficiently deal with the offending user.

-Incorrect or abusive use of this feature will likely result in a warning to remind the user of the purpose for the report feature. Repeated abuse of this feature can result in punishment under the rules for spam.```

By taking residence within the server of Athens you have consented to the rules and regulations of Athens, and Discord.

* *CONTENT as defined by **DISCORD** is anything that a user posts or says onto any discord server.*

For information on server layout please see <#472468582580748308>

If you are able to follow the above, you will be granted full access to the server via the pink xenos role after a short time spent in the server
__Do not pester moderators for this__, it will happen automatically.

This role is based on trust and if that trust is broken you may lose this role either temporary or permanently at mods discretion.

2019-08-05 22:53:39 UTC  

For those unable to find Discord's Community Guidelines themselves