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2017-05-27 17:34:33 UTC  


2017-05-27 17:35:14 UTC  

That national faction is pretty much anti com splinter

2017-05-27 17:35:23 UTC  

That's more WN

2017-05-27 17:35:27 UTC  

They just announced today that on June 10th they're adding the Russian army, which will have both blacks and females

2017-05-27 17:35:51 UTC  

But they are not fascist unless graham has turned into a fascist

2017-05-27 17:37:28 UTC  

I'm kinda noided about NF, mostly because the recruiter and the chat claimed to be all about being anti-statue removal, but the site questionnaire is very obviously a nationalist 14 words type group

And I sat there waiting to get vetted for 2 days and they let me in without even vetting me

2017-05-27 17:37:35 UTC  

I'm not sure what the point of that group even is tbh

2017-05-27 17:38:18 UTC  

TBH I heard kid wanted to be part of the leadership anti com but he got pissed started his own server

2017-05-27 17:38:40 UTC  

I'm using that server as my hunting ground

2017-05-27 17:38:56 UTC  

I got a TN guy there that might want to join

2017-05-27 17:39:36 UTC  

We need more TN. Going postering next weekend, hope we get at least one

2017-05-27 17:40:04 UTC  

Good mate

2017-05-27 17:40:26 UTC  

I'm trying to get his ass but he is like I be the only one in my area

2017-05-27 17:40:31 UTC  

He lives in Johnson city

2017-05-27 17:42:41 UTC  

Damn he might as well be in VA or NC if we have those chapters

2017-05-27 17:42:49 UTC  

He's about 4 hours from me

2017-05-27 17:43:02 UTC  

As far as I know all of our TN guys are West, I'm the only Middle

2017-05-27 17:43:24 UTC  

I want to start as many southern chapters during the summer and the fall

2017-05-27 17:43:54 UTC  

Florida is the only strong place for IE in the south

2017-05-27 17:44:37 UTC  

IE isn't Right enough tbh

2017-05-27 17:45:00 UTC  

They are still good people

2017-05-27 17:45:22 UTC  

Members I've met are good people, although too many of them meme or LARP about being SS

2017-05-27 17:45:41 UTC  

But I've only gone to one big IE event, have only met sporadic members a couple of times

2017-05-27 17:47:13 UTC  

I guess it's good you're in VA then

2017-05-27 17:47:55 UTC  

I'm going to Houston this weekend

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2017-05-27 18:01:58 UTC  

Anyone else going to be on in the area?

2017-05-27 18:05:00 UTC  

@Phillip-TX talk to him

2017-05-27 18:11:04 UTC  

What's up, Phillip?!

2017-05-27 18:20:40 UTC  

What's up? We've got a few people in Houston but nothing planned. I was supposed to be out of town but that's on hold. We may be able to throw together a meal or shooting range trip.

2017-05-27 18:23:41 UTC  

Sounds fun. Just let me know and I'll try to get there

2017-05-27 18:24:15 UTC  

Right on. I'll find out everyone's schedule

2017-05-27 18:24:45 UTC  

**If you are not going to this meet up and you are not going to the gym, you're fucking wrong. Unfuck yourselves**

2017-05-27 18:29:03 UTC  

Shut up cris

2017-05-27 18:32:29 UTC  

No, shitbag. Go to the meeup or go to the gym. Those are the only options

2017-05-27 18:38:40 UTC  

I'm working my yard today

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Yeah i like that one

2017-05-27 18:40:56 UTC