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2018-01-31 18:03:24 UTC  

Nope, if I did, I would be calling the falange and franco jews.

2018-01-31 18:03:26 UTC  

not socialism

2018-01-31 18:03:34 UTC  

How do you know that?

2018-01-31 18:03:43 UTC  

oh i've seeen it before

2018-01-31 18:03:49 UTC  

alt retards

2018-01-31 18:04:00 UTC  

and no

2018-01-31 18:04:00 UTC  


2018-01-31 18:04:13 UTC  

You don't know it?

2018-01-31 18:04:15 UTC  

franco wasn't a syndicalist he betrayed the falange

2018-01-31 18:05:52 UTC  

True, but the falange also supported franco at first, but this is an attempt to set me off track, so let's get back to the original topic.

2018-01-31 18:07:12 UTC  

Ask any none Hitlerist in this server if Hitler was a socialist everyone will tell you no

2018-01-31 18:08:53 UTC  

In the context that he is a leftist and marxist socialist before, but this is another attempt to derail the question, so let's go back.

2018-01-31 18:09:35 UTC  

How do you know that workers have to own the factories, in order for it to be socialist?

2018-01-31 18:10:03 UTC  

if they don't that means its private property and not socialist

2018-01-31 18:10:12 UTC  

How do you know?

2018-01-31 18:10:28 UTC  

You clearly don't, do you?

2018-01-31 18:10:29 UTC  

Sorel, Bakunin, Strasser, Codreanu

2018-01-31 18:10:50 UTC  

to name non marxists

2018-01-31 18:10:55 UTC  

Kim il Sung

2018-01-31 18:11:23 UTC  

Cordreanu believed in legionaireism, something I doubt you know anything about.

2018-01-31 18:11:51 UTC  

clerical fascism

2018-01-31 18:12:03 UTC  

and yes a good friend of mine is a romanian fash

2018-01-31 18:12:21 UTC  

And, you are only giving me a list of non marxists, nothing that confirms your belief.

2018-01-31 18:12:50 UTC  

non marxists that would agree that private property is capitalist

2018-01-31 18:13:10 UTC  

you're grasping at straws

2018-01-31 18:13:13 UTC  

That is quite the generalization there.

2018-01-31 18:13:31 UTC  

And, I would disagree with you.

2018-01-31 18:14:33 UTC  

clerical fascism, italian, falange etc

2018-01-31 18:14:40 UTC  

were all derived from sorel

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2018-01-31 18:15:26 UTC  

Sorel is what turned mussolini away from the reds

2018-01-31 18:15:42 UTC  

I don't think evola or mousillini even mentioned sorel in their interviews.

2018-01-31 18:16:38 UTC  

Mussolini went to Sorels funeral

2018-01-31 18:16:44 UTC  


2018-01-31 18:17:02 UTC  

Sorel approved of mussolini for his syndicalist views

2018-01-31 18:17:04 UTC  

Didn't hitler attend some of the RAF funerals?

2018-01-31 18:17:36 UTC  

Cultured Thug did a whole presentation on Sorel and his link to fascism

2018-01-31 18:18:05 UTC  

So in that case, woulden't he be fascist?

2018-01-31 18:19:09 UTC  

Sorel is often considered a proto-fascist

2018-01-31 18:19:23 UTC  

but he's a weird one he'd go back and forth from being an ansyn to natsyn

2018-01-31 18:20:40 UTC  

Okay? If he was ultimately considered a fascist and a national syndicalist, then why would you even cite him as a socialist?