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2017-08-01 21:51:22 UTC  

good lookin' dog

2017-08-01 21:53:47 UTC  

My mutt.

2017-08-01 21:58:29 UTC  

He looks like a good dog to me

2017-08-01 21:59:07 UTC  

He is. He's at least half Pit, half something else...maybe Lab. He's tall and skinny, but his face and white chest are a dead giveaway.

2017-08-01 21:59:27 UTC  

Very loyal and very empathetic.

2017-08-01 22:11:03 UTC  

@everyone If you want Azzmador to ask me any (serious) questions on the next episode of TKR, post them here.

2017-08-01 22:11:22 UTC  
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2017-08-01 22:18:13 UTC  

Makes me wanna move to the mountains

2017-08-01 22:18:22 UTC  

The mountain ethnostate fortress

2017-08-01 22:18:22 UTC  

Didn't rockafella own the Zika patent

2017-08-01 22:19:41 UTC  

Are you fucking kidding me this is a outrage

2017-08-01 22:20:41 UTC

2017-08-01 22:20:42 UTC  

That's just a joke just because you witnessed some queers get shot up

2017-08-01 22:22:43 UTC  

Where's my money my best friend literally lost part of his head in front of me and it wasn't in some homosexual orgy club either
Oh yea I'm white and straight and over privileged

2017-08-01 22:23:24 UTC  

You fuck

2017-08-01 22:24:29 UTC  

I'm not surprised

2017-08-01 22:24:55 UTC  

But it does make me want to purify even more

2017-08-01 22:25:45 UTC  

There was a time when people had to man up and deal with it what happened to those times

2017-08-01 22:25:55 UTC  

It's not like it's real money anyway...

2017-08-01 22:26:39 UTC  

Kevin ask grand daddy

2017-08-01 22:26:51 UTC  

We were born into a cucked world

2017-08-01 22:27:24 UTC  

Actually it's been less in the news ... the "victims " of the shooting and victims family are suing for millions of dollars in compensation

2017-08-01 22:28:43 UTC  

Yea my grandfather used to talk with a smirk about the war his favorite motto when he saw niggers acting up on the news was "hitler would have killed them all"

2017-08-01 22:29:44 UTC  

Oh you had one of those grandfather's. Mine worshipped jews just like my father does.

2017-08-01 22:29:56 UTC  

But he was man enough to enlist

2017-08-01 22:30:43 UTC  

Well we (my grandparents and parents)where on the German side until after the war

2017-08-01 22:30:56 UTC  

Lived in Germany

2017-08-01 22:31:22 UTC  

Ask Azz when he first realized he was racist. How did he come to the wokeness

2017-08-01 22:32:06 UTC  

So anti Jew is in my blood ☠️

2017-08-01 22:32:54 UTC  

I grew up with them

2017-08-01 22:33:01 UTC  

A Jew ran our boyscouts

2017-08-01 22:33:31 UTC  

And it's actually funny because I didn't have much influence from them I came to my own conclusion that Jews and nigger where the problem people early on
Ironic you say that because a Jew ran ours also

2017-08-01 22:34:17 UTC  

I'm not so sure he wasn't molesting boys either but I never went on camping trips

2017-08-01 22:34:51 UTC  

That figures

2017-08-01 22:36:31 UTC  

Fucking dogs

2017-08-01 22:37:18 UTC  

Probably comes as natural as sucking a infants dick for them though

2017-08-01 22:37:42 UTC  

Is that aside from the sucking on baby cock, or did they just lump that in.

2017-08-01 22:38:51 UTC  

I'm no expert but I think there's something either A. They are easy targets and Jews love them
Or B. Something in their fucked up religion that says it's okay to do so