Message from Riefen in Southern Front #general

2017-07-15 00:59:51 UTC  


2017-07-15 01:00:00 UTC  

He doesn't like white nationalist

2017-07-15 01:01:09 UTC  

Wow. Gay and anti-white

2017-07-15 01:02:36 UTC  

Thus the homo erotic group workout session.

2017-07-15 01:12:16 UTC  

You know what I've noticed. Folks use our imagery constantly without attribution. You rarely see folks using other groups imagery at all. Says a lot about our propaganda.

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2017-07-15 01:15:55 UTC  

We make the best stuff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2017-07-15 01:16:11 UTC  

I've seen a few non-affiliated people using our posters lately

2017-07-15 01:16:38 UTC  

Just today, someone in another groupchat I'm in used our new anti-gay poster

2017-07-15 01:16:55 UTC  

I might have sent it in that group and he saved it, idk lol

2017-07-15 01:17:09 UTC  

Did he keep our info?

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2017-07-15 01:17:34 UTC  

Name and website

2017-07-15 01:17:52 UTC  

Yeah, it still says "" at the bottom

2017-07-15 01:18:25 UTC  

Ok good. That shit drives me crazy. Thomas works hard on that stuff.

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2017-07-15 01:21:01 UTC  

I sent it in that groupchat on Sunday, so he probably got it from me. Still nice to know he liked it enough to use it.

2017-07-15 01:22:08 UTC  

I really like that poster because previously we had to rely on Iron March for anti-gay stuff. Plus, when people accuse us of being gay, we can sent that

2017-07-15 01:49:32 UTC  

Hello gents

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What's happening? Sorry I haven't been active lately. I have been busy with a lot of personal things. I believe I've got a good electrician job lined up now.

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2017-07-15 01:53:31 UTC  

Sweet man! Glad to hear about the new job.

2017-07-15 01:53:33 UTC  

Father in law took me and my family and my sister in law and her child to Asheville today as a treat on him since she's visiting

2017-07-15 01:53:45 UTC  

Asheville is beautiful but it's disgusting

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I went to a book store and front facing books like these all around. Idk anything about that refugees book but it was ironic. Lol

2017-07-15 01:54:59 UTC  

Plenty of room on the wall there will be

2017-07-15 01:56:13 UTC  

Although a "THIS IS SPARTA!!" type pit would work too

2017-07-15 01:56:27 UTC  

Thank you Riefen btw

2017-07-15 01:57:07 UTC  

But then you'd have to listen to the incessant moaning and wailing

2017-07-15 01:57:16 UTC  

Fitzgerald is surprising to be on the shelf next to all that

2017-07-15 01:57:23 UTC  

He was openly anti Semitic

2017-07-15 01:58:38 UTC  

Reminds me of a scene in a movie where they are pushing a bunch of Jews into a gassing area and they are screaming etc. One SS guy turns to the other and simply says, "sounds like a synogogue"

2017-07-15 01:58:56 UTC  

Which movie?

2017-07-15 01:59:04 UTC  

Trying to remember

2017-07-15 01:59:18 UTC  

Can prob YouTube the line from the movie

2017-07-15 01:59:49 UTC  

Might have been the one with amon

2017-07-15 02:00:00 UTC  

I think schindlers list