Message from Riefen in Southern Front #general

2017-05-30 20:37:43 UTC  

It's cool, I just wanted something that was CSA related and had our name, logo, site.

Definitely better than what I could have put together

2017-05-30 20:38:34 UTC  

anti com guy made it

2017-05-30 20:38:41 UTC  

Im trying to make him join

2017-05-30 20:38:44 UTC  

*so much white space*

2017-05-30 20:39:21 UTC  


2017-05-30 20:39:28 UTC  

Easy on cartridges lol

2017-05-30 20:39:35 UTC  

Thomas is anti white

2017-05-30 20:39:44 UTC  

I've been printing the We Have a Right to Exist one and it's burning through em

2017-05-30 20:40:04 UTC  

@Riefen use carry the torch one and illegal immigrant

2017-05-30 20:40:43 UTC

2017-05-30 20:40:50 UTC

2017-05-30 20:41:02 UTC  
2017-05-30 20:41:11 UTC  

I don't have the torch one. Illegal immigrant is this right?

2017-05-30 20:41:14 UTC

2017-05-30 20:41:25 UTC  


2017-05-30 20:41:28 UTC  

Anyone want to join the kool kids klub

2017-05-30 20:41:35 UTC  


2017-05-30 20:41:37 UTC  

Go to the site

2017-05-30 20:41:42 UTC  


2017-05-30 20:41:59 UTC

2017-05-30 20:41:59 UTC  

Don't see anything about a torch on the site posters. Maybe I can't read though idk

2017-05-30 20:42:07 UTC

2017-05-30 20:42:29 UTC  

Oh yeah it's not on the site anymore

2017-05-30 20:42:35 UTC  


2017-05-30 20:42:36 UTC  

Got taken down when the new ones went up

2017-05-30 20:46:12 UTC  

Good thing they are saved on my laptop

2017-05-30 20:52:23 UTC
Check this map and if there is a marker near you go to for more info on the March Against Sharia rallies on June the 10th. We keep saying we need to stand up against Islam, well here is your chance to get started.

2017-05-30 20:53:55 UTC  

The Houston area one is the same area I grew up in

2017-05-30 21:02:32 UTC  

Dallas , Austin and Houston all in the same day

2017-05-30 21:16:00 UTC  

@here Welcome @The Blond Beast our newest TN member

2017-05-30 21:16:51 UTC  

We might get another one in a few days

2017-05-30 21:17:12 UTC  


2017-05-30 21:25:39 UTC  

10 mins passed finally, what's up.

2017-05-30 21:27:22 UTC  

Welcome! Great to see another TN face

2017-05-30 21:28:11 UTC  

Yeah, man. Me too.

2017-05-30 21:28:25 UTC  

Which third you from? Right now we've got one West, one Middle

2017-05-30 21:28:36 UTC  


2017-05-30 21:38:16 UTC  

I guess we need to recruit Lancelot

2017-05-30 21:38:29 UTC  

So TN will be an official chapter

2017-05-30 21:38:48 UTC  

For our recruiting purposes, are Spanish people white? Buddy of mine is slightly farther right than Alt Right and I've been trying to push him further Right.

His dad is Spanish. My buddy has blonde hair, blue eyes, paler skin than me, but I know people are on the fence for it because of the Moor Conquest.

2017-05-30 21:39:04 UTC  

Spanish people are White