Message from Lathan_TX in Southern Front #general

2017-07-04 19:47:02 UTC  

Apparent Redneck Revolt Dox

2017-07-04 19:51:23 UTC  

So glad those faggots are getting doxxed. Bunch of kikes larping as Southerners.

2017-07-04 19:51:57 UTC  

What did he get charged with

2017-07-04 20:01:45 UTC  


2017-07-04 20:01:58 UTC  

He likes us southerners huh....

2017-07-04 20:02:10 UTC  

Well I like picking up wimps by their ears

2017-07-04 20:04:26 UTC  

Id snap him in half my I'm willing to bet my dick is bigger than his wrists and that goes for most of those liberal Jew suckers

2017-07-04 20:04:59 UTC  

Who will you be betting against @Kevin FL

2017-07-04 20:06:30 UTC  

That post above with the antifa his mugshot looks like a skinny little hippy

2017-07-04 20:06:35 UTC  

How does one know he's been fixed?

2017-07-04 20:06:43 UTC  


2017-07-04 20:06:55 UTC  

They all look like that

2017-07-04 20:07:42 UTC  

Yea a bunch of skimpy little guys with low testosterone

2017-07-04 20:08:09 UTC  

That's why I chose to join this group

2017-07-04 20:08:14 UTC  

Working out and body building is probably racist to [email protected]

2017-07-04 20:08:17 UTC  


2017-07-04 20:08:21 UTC  

Not only are their fellas weak and low T

2017-07-04 20:09:05 UTC  

So are ours. Every white male it seems. I always knew I would never accomplish anything important if I did not first conquer myself. When I saw the group requirements I knew this was the place for me

2017-07-04 20:09:28 UTC  

I joined because it seems like this movement is actually doing more than just sitting around complaining like everyone else

2017-07-04 20:09:36 UTC  

Even if most of you guys judge me based off of text you see on a screen (weak)

2017-07-04 20:10:09 UTC  

Western NC especially around Asheville and Boone is pozzed at shit.

2017-07-04 20:10:26 UTC  

Pump up on protein and stack even if your skimpy you'd be surprised after working out hard for a few weeks

2017-07-04 20:11:07 UTC  

Bones don't grow but muscles do especially with the extra protein

2017-07-04 20:11:13 UTC  

I respect all of you. Even Nathan

2017-07-04 20:12:13 UTC  

I've seen some skinny white guys who work out one shot fist big buff niggers before lol don't ever underestimate yourself or your enemy

2017-07-04 20:12:43 UTC  

They come in all shapes and sizes

2017-07-04 20:13:00 UTC  

Lenin. Dude looked like a weak low t loser...

2017-07-04 20:13:28 UTC  

Never judge a book by its cover. Underestimate nothing.

2017-07-04 20:15:21 UTC  

And take zinc daily it boosts your t naturally there's some other stuff out there made by muscle pharm and stuff I've tried that seems to work to but it's like 80%zinc and

2017-07-04 20:15:34 UTC  

I need my zinc

2017-07-04 20:15:42 UTC  

Calcium and magnesium too

2017-07-04 20:15:48 UTC  

All good for the balls

2017-07-04 20:15:59 UTC  

Also leave it shriveled. Never touch it

2017-07-04 20:16:28 UTC  

God didn't design is to Jack off all day

2017-07-04 20:16:41 UTC  

Give it a few weeks go kick in your body will need to get used to the extra supply I get pretty aggressive on it though lol

2017-07-04 20:16:53 UTC  

We he designed us it was in a uncomfortable world where there was no running water, comfortable beds or sinks to wash your hands

2017-07-04 20:17:29 UTC  

Are you familiar with DHT

2017-07-04 20:17:46 UTC  

Exactly that's why I think fagism is a mental disease or something else it goes completely against the laws of nature I've heard of DHT

2017-07-04 20:18:16 UTC  

A huge amount of DHT is released when your penis is stimulated

2017-07-04 20:18:36 UTC  

DHT fellas causes hair loss