Message from Springbok in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #2d-art

2018-11-09 23:54:30 UTC

2018-11-10 17:55:00 UTC  

Satisfied with these so far. Yellow has been altered to match the gold of the Squad logo.

2018-11-10 17:55:01 UTC

2018-11-14 00:31:46 UTC  

Recruitment poster

2018-11-14 00:31:47 UTC

2019-03-14 18:41:26 UTC  

You can now use custom SABW flag emojis <:SABWIcon:555822341947392011>

2019-03-14 18:44:46 UTC  

2019-04-23 00:59:22 UTC

2019-04-23 01:01:09 UTC

2019-04-23 01:02:00 UTC  

These are of course placeholder til I have the respective faction models sculpted in Zbrush.

2019-04-23 01:11:06 UTC

2019-04-23 02:29:43 UTC

2019-04-23 02:29:44 UTC

2019-04-23 03:17:54 UTC  

First iteration of the FAPLA reskin.

Pattern is a little too large, may have to separate the pattern by the seams as well. And dirty it up though not 100% sure whether I'll go through with that as the weapon and vehicle models are more of a priority.

PS: FAPLA troops need to be black. Working on it...

2019-04-25 17:13:16 UTC