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Yeah like raping women from what age 8 up to 73

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I would like to add theres a distinct difference between Russian and Soviet.

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Soviets* my apologies

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Hired those Mongolian mercenaries. I can't remember what all it said in Hellstorm

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the soviet red army was composed of mongols and asians and every body else engulfed under the soviet empire

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^^^ mongols yes

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the asian troops were waaay more brutal and committed the worst crimes

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one thing to mention

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Anyone up for voice tonight/now ish

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It goes to show what communist indoctrination and propaganda does to a people. In ww1 for example the czarist army would have mass executed their troops if they did that. the RUSSIAN czarist army was elegant and disciplined, the barbaric SOVIET army on the other hand.

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fuck Nathan if I had been awake to as much as you are at your age when I was that old, I'd be some kind of fascist guru

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10/10 my man

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Haha thanks

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@redskegg I'll probly be down in a bit

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Just remember that the russian white army in the russian civil war were the original anti semite anti communist crusaders

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Ahh there. It was Cody. Welcome @Cody88 - FL

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Nathan needs to do irl shit jk

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Let me fetch you guys some quotes from the wikipedia page on Russian White Army general Anton Denikin. Him and hitler would have gotten along on the jewish question.

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@FairUse WA welcome to the south

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I never apologize for being on the wrong coast. Until there are servers by departments, I'll be homeless.

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@FairUse WA u moving

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listen to this

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@Fox Tx I'm summoned.

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"The press of the Denikin regime regularly incited violence against communist Jews and Jews seen as communists in the context of treason committed by Red agents. For example, a proclamation by one of Denikin's generals incited people to "arm themselves" in order to extirpate "the evil force which lives in the hearts of Jew-communists."

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"Religious and faithful to the Russian Orthodox Church, Denikin did not criticize the pogroms against the Jewish population. Denikin believed that most people had reasons to hate Jews and wished to avoid an issue that divided his officers. Many of them, intensely anti-Semitic, allowed pogroms under their watch, which turned into a method of terror against the Jewish population and served to earn the favour of the Ukrainian people for much of 1919."

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@FairUse WA traveling preacher

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a man against time, just like waking up from Weimar

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although ultimately unsuccessful

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so listen to this next bit

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@redskegg Thanks brother

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@Fox Tx Don't forget. I'm only thought of as a preacher because I'm a propagandist.

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this was written by a western journalist in russia during the civil war

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"I had not been with Denikin more than a month before I was forced to the conclusion that the Jew represented a very big element in the Russian upheaval. The officers and men of the Army laid practically all the blame for their country's troubles on the Hebrew. They held that the whole cataclysm had been engineered by some great and mysterious secret society of international Jews"

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@FairUse WA u going to be our Joel osteen

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text wall incoming

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"All the figures and facts that were then available appeared to lend colour to this contention. No less than 82 per cent of the Bolshevik Commissars were known to be Jews, the fierce and implacable 'Trotsky,' who shared office with Lenin, being a Yiddisher whose real name was Bronstein. Among Denikin's officers this idea was an obsession of such terrible bitterness and insistency as to lead them into making statements of the wildest and most fantastic character. Many of them had persuaded themselves that Freemasonry was, in alliance with the Jews, part and parcel of the Bolshevik machine, and that what they had called the diabolical schemes for Russia's downfall had been hatched in the Petrograd and Moscow Masonic lodges. When I told them that I and most of my best friends were Freemasons, and that England owed a great deal to its loyal Jews, they stared at me askance and sadly shook their heads in fear for England's credulity in trusting the chosen race. One even asked me quietly whether I personally was a Jew. When America showed herself decidedly against any kind of interference in Russia, the idea soon gained wide credence that President Woodrow Wilson was a Jew, while Mr. Lloyd George was referred to as a Jew whenever a cable from England appeared to show him as being lukewarm in support of the anti-Bolsheviks.[7]"

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@Fox Tx You have guessed incorrectly.