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Pagans blame Christians for the destruction of Paganism. Savitri Devi says "We, who are not Christians, may — and do, — deplore it. We are aware of the fact that many spiritual treasures other than those contained in the Gospels — the truths contained in the old European Paganisms, or long preserved in the solar cults of Central and Southern America; treasures of which, to-day, one knows much too little, — were lost to the world precisely through the impersonal zeal of religious-minded men, by nature “against Time” (or through the wanton destructiveness of men “in Time”) such as those we have mentioned. But we believe that, wherever such losses were suffered, there was something wrong not with the forgotten truth (which is eternal) but with the people who should have managed to stand for it against the new and hostile doctrine; we believe, in fact, that there were not enough men “against Time” among those people — not enough persons in whose Eyes the now lost teachings were, then, sufficiently alive to be made a basis for the organisation of human society against the growing current of decay; not enough who, in order to defend them on those grounds, were prepared to be as ruthless and as perseverant as the Christians were in order to destroy them." The time has come for Christianity to once again have Men Against Time to resist those Men Against Time of Islam, and all the moreso the Men In Time of the West.

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***p a r t i a l l y f o r m e d***

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Same guy?

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If so Jesus his wife is ugly

2017-06-11 19:10:54 UTC  

Looks exactly the same

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Is that Leonardo Di Caprio?

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Is the one on the right a *female*? Wtf

2017-06-11 19:12:57 UTC  

He photoshopped Di Caprio into a picture of him wearing a miniskirt and a plate carrier

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Guy is AAA degenerate

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That is the phone number for Sysco Corporate

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Flood their phone lines talking about how he assaulted a man in Houston, provide links and descriptions of the video. The more info and more coverage this gets the better.

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His Facebook shows him committing a DUI

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Also if anybody can ID what kind of truck that is from the interior, we can know what he drives

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Anybody that was on-site yesterday able to positively ID that this is for sure our guy using those tattoos?

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Wife's photography business

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Thats a Toyota Tundra

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damn son

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dude's fucked

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Is his wife White?

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Watchout NZS

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no shit

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those guys are sure going to get it

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Yeah she's white

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dat forehead doe

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God his face paint sucks. Either he's terrible or he was never actually received training in camouflage

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What are NZS?

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Oh I see

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See, they gotta use vowels. I thought it had something to do with New Zealand

2017-06-11 19:49:52 UTC  

eh, fuck them too. nothing but an island full of exploitative white supremacists

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New Zealand doesn't exist

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@everyone Roscoe lost his job. Let's help our own