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2019-02-19 21:57:14 UTC  

@Völkisch Arabic (NS) Indians aren't aryans

2019-02-19 21:57:40 UTC  

aryans once conquered India and ruled India

2019-02-19 21:57:51 UTC  

but the indian people of today isn't aryan because of that

2019-02-19 21:58:14 UTC  

they might have aryan traces in them, some portiosn of the population..

2019-02-19 21:58:31 UTC  

You still can find some white people in north india, pakistan and iran. But its rare af

2019-02-19 21:58:49 UTC  

yeah, I can't argue about the racial differences between arabs and jews

2019-02-19 21:59:04 UTC  

both speak semitic languages but a language isn't race

2019-02-19 21:59:12 UTC  

so it doesn't tell anything really

2019-02-19 22:00:03 UTC  

ethno pluraism isn't compatible with national socialism

2019-02-19 22:00:07 UTC  
2019-02-19 22:00:07 UTC  

sorry to break it to you

2019-02-19 22:00:15 UTC  

Kurds are subhumans

2019-02-19 22:00:16 UTC  

There's still Aryan tribes in Northern Pakistan

2019-02-19 22:00:27 UTC  

they aren't aryan

2019-02-19 22:00:31 UTC  

yes they are

2019-02-19 22:00:38 UTC  

show me

2019-02-19 22:00:44 UTC  

I know of that group

2019-02-19 22:01:01 UTC  

show me an aryan, and we'll see how skewed your aryan classification is

2019-02-19 22:01:24 UTC

2019-02-19 22:01:30 UTC  

This girl from Northern Pakistan

2019-02-19 22:01:33 UTC  

She's Kalash

2019-02-19 22:01:34 UTC  

she isn't aryan

2019-02-19 22:01:51 UTC  


2019-02-19 22:01:51 UTC  


2019-02-19 22:01:55 UTC  

you're uneducated

2019-02-19 22:02:26 UTC  

Why would I call my slef native european when I live in 99% ethical clean country

2019-02-19 22:02:33 UTC  

We are all native lol

2019-02-19 22:03:11 UTC  

Aryan comes from proto-indo european

2019-02-19 22:06:00 UTC  

Well yeah but non europeans are still minority. And they live in cities, courtside is still mostly clean. Eastern Europe is still clean

2019-02-19 22:06:14 UTC  

*the same Proto-Indo-European root (*aryo-) is the basis for Greek and Germanic word forms which seem only to denote the ruling elite of Proto-Indo-European (PIE) society. In fact, the most accessible evidence available confirms only the existence of a common, but vague, socio-cultural designation of "nobility" associated with PIE society*

2019-02-19 22:08:31 UTC  

His dinasty is French if i remember correctly

2019-02-19 22:09:06 UTC  

your thinking is wrong

2019-02-19 22:09:23 UTC  

Death to monarchy

2019-02-19 22:09:23 UTC  

todays nobility doesn't reflect the nobility of yesterday

2019-02-19 22:11:07 UTC

2019-02-19 22:11:47 UTC  

we aren't pro monarchy

2019-02-19 22:11:54 UTC  

but we don't want a president either

2019-02-19 22:12:20 UTC  

we want a leader who's destined and made to be a leader

2019-02-19 22:12:46 UTC  

if you're evolian or whatever you said you should understand involution

2019-02-19 22:15:02 UTC  

read this

2019-02-19 22:15:04 UTC  

I'm 30