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2020-12-29 19:36:32 UTC  

Welcome to ConservativeHub! A server for Conservatives of all banners!

2020-12-29 19:37:26 UTC  

if you're Economically Left-wing and Socially Right-wing, join this server:

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2020-12-29 21:13:41 UTC  

🌎━ Universal Politics ━🌏
We are a political free-speech community that welcome all people from any ideological background to engage in political discourse, debates and banter, as well as to hear out people with opposing views provided that the Discord TOS are not broken. We include a very diverse community with different people on the political spectrum and are looking forward to meeting individuals who are willing to partake in topics such as philosophy, economics, religion, history, and politics in general.

-📣 Freedom of speech
-👥 An active and growing community
-🧮 More than 175 self-assignable roles to choose from
-🛑 Anti-raid system
-📊 Frequent polls.
-🗣️ Active VCs
-🗯️ Debates and debate nights/events
-🎮 Hearts of Iron 4, Crusader Kings 3, and Victoria 2 game rooms and future events
-🍺 Private ideology lounges (Example: Conservatives only chat)

⭐ | Flag:
🔗 | Permanent Invite Link:

2020-12-30 02:35:33 UTC  

⁣🦅🦅🦅 The House of Thoth 🦅🦅🦅

We are a community discord channel which focuses on discourse, intellectual honesty and growth, self-improvement, and fun. We focus on sharing and gaining knowledge, being intellectually active, and free thinkers.
Invite your friends, and tell them to stay and post what ever is on their mind.

We feature:

🤣 - Chill and Fun Chats
🗣️ - Political, Historical, & Philosophical Discussions
🔥 - Very Hot Debates
🎮 - Leisure with many categories to choose from!
🤖 - Many fun bots to choose from!
🌱 - Growth
🧠 - Knowledge
♟️ - Chess. Sessions are welcomed.

And much more!

We to being respectful, humble, fun, and free (with certain limitations).

Disclaimer: We accept all forms of life, even bigots and ignorants, but don't target anyone.


2020-12-30 03:02:35 UTC  


We are a political server on discord that permits adherents of any ideology to join and discuss with others and amonsgt themselves as long as they follow the Discord T.O.S. Adherents ranging from National Bolshevism to Anarcho-Communism to Minarchism to National Capitalism reside in our server.

- Many Admins and Mods to keep the peace 🕊️
- Voice chat opportunities 🗣️
- Music chat 🎵
- Vetting system to prevent raids 🛑
- Non toxic community 👍
- Polls 📊
- Massive amount of roles 💯

2020-12-30 03:24:49 UTC  

Politics Central

Politics Central Offers:

• A Diverse political community

• Controversial topics

• Daily polls

• Frequent debates

• Low moderated speech

• Active staff

Join now to push your stance, find others like you, and expand your knowledge. Open discourse is always allowed with 0 hindrance to your free speech.

2020-12-30 03:25:48 UTC  

Level Field Politics is a civil debate server that is in need of members. We’re also hiring mods.
All opinions and walks of life are welcome!

• Have meaningful debates and discussions
• Self assignable roles
• We ensure free speech while also being mindful of possibly offensive behaviour.

2021-01-22 12:03:43 UTC  


Czołem! We, are the glorious Commonwealth. We are a historical community, which longs to be one of the major communities in case of politics and history.

『』➤ A working government where anyone can rise the ranks, made by the King himself!

『』➤ Participate in Elections to the Sejm.

『』➤ A good and active community.

『』➤ Historical Discussions

『』➤ Political/Economical Discussions

『』➤ Become an active and loyal member, and maybe you will one day be part of the moderator staff!

『E』➤ We also have excellent meme channels lel!



Honor and Glory awaits you!

2021-01-22 15:35:50 UTC  

🏛️ Capital Republic 🏛️

Capital Republic is an established political discussion and mock government server. We welcome people of all ideologies, parties, and opinions. Join our server for...

✅ Regular simulated elections

✅ Congressional and presidential roleplay

✅ Active political discussion channels

✅ An ideologically diverse community

✅ Lots of self assignable roles

✅ Game nights, Debate, and Community VC

⬇️ Join today ⬇️

2021-01-22 15:44:08 UTC  

Tired of being banned for your opinion?
Join Polipinion. If that doesn't sum it up for you, here's the gist: We're a political discourse server but we actually mean free speech part. Partake in civil debates and defend your views, no matter how controversial. Join a welcoming community that accepts people of all opinions, backgrounds and ideologies, the server name never lies.

We also offer
▫️ 80+ roles
▫️ Ranks
▫️ News Channel
▫️ Memes, Fun Bots and Music
▫️ Weekly Trivia with special roles for the best players
▫️ Council - where members can be elected to make server decisions

2021-01-22 15:59:10 UTC  

This server is for any leftist to engage in ideas and understand/ robust their political ideology more.
The server consists of:
- Library Section 📚
- Dank Memer 👾
- Welcoming Team 👥
- Good Moderation 💪🏻
Please note: we do not tolerate any hatred towards any minorities. This will result into you being banned from the server.

2021-01-22 16:05:56 UTC  

`: *✧:*Welcome to Leftist Hangout✧・゚


⭑*•̩̩͙⊱••••All leftist ideologies are welcomed! From social democrat to Anarcho Communist! ••••̩̩͙⊰•*⭑

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* What we offer ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Role-select ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Friendly environment ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Debates ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Civil discussions ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Debates once a week ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾Debate Tournaments ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Nitro Giveaways ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾
Enjoy. <333

2021-01-24 01:26:03 UTC  

**The Kingdom**

__*>Fun & Free Place (Follow discord TOS and only 10 rules otherwise!)
>Not **Heavily Moderated**
>Active VC's Nightly
>Watch movies & sporting events
>Get breaking news
>Gamer channels, debate, and chill zones!
>Open Ideologies! (No one is targeted!)*__
>Admin open to suggestions & partnerships!
>A lovely group of people we also have many other ammenties!

++ Much more stuff. It's a server to relax and meet new friends 🙂

2021-01-25 08:05:56 UTC  

Welcome everyone, to the German Empire! The German Empire is an amazing mock gov germany server based in the 1800s-1900s with many opportunities!
What we have:

✠ An amazing military and defense system with lots of ranks!

✠ A good government system.

✠ A based royal house.

✠ Allies to help protect our land!

✠ Hilarious memes!

✠ We're open to partnering!

✠ A great community.

And so much more! With so many opportunities why not join today and fight for the Kaiser

2021-01-25 08:21:53 UTC  

Welcome, Bienvenue, Wilkommen, добро пожаловать

We are the International Leftist Library

Our aim is to document international leftist materials from diverse branches and traditions.

We have a great deal of resources on leftist theory and history in many languages, all there to help you in debating and developing your knowledge. Ranging from biographies, books, articles, reading-lists to specific overviews of countries in detail, our library has got it all!

We offer:

☭ Wide variety of reading materials in a lot of languages

☭ Historic-Political myths-debunks

☭ Up to date praxis information

☭ Easy librarian application process

☭ Inclusive Decision making process

If this sounds like a server for you, then come and visit us!


2021-01-25 23:10:26 UTC  

『🇬🇧』**The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland**『🇬🇧』

**Welcome @everyone**, you have been invited to the greatest Britain server in the **history of Discord.** We are a **mock-government** server based on the greatest empire in the **history of the world.** Some of the things this wonderful server offers include -
『😎 』▬ **A cool community!**
__A good, stable community welcomes you!__
『🏛️ 』▬ **Government!**
__A realistic representation of British government!__
『🗳️ 』▬ **Elections!**
__Elections for people to partake in!__
『👑 』▬ **Monarchy!**
__Ever wanted to join the royal family? You possibly can here!__
『🤝 』▬ **Diplomacy!**
__Looking to partner or maybe ally? We got you.__
『🎖️ 』▬ **Awards and Honors!**
__Great work deserves great rewards!___
『⚔️ 』▬ **Military!**
__Wanted to join the British military and protect the empire!__

『🇬🇧』▬ **Flag:**

『💽 』▬ **Gif:**

『🔗』▬ **Invite:**

『🏓』▬ **Ping:**

**What are you waiting for? Join now! God save the King!**

2021-01-25 23:11:09 UTC  


2021-02-06 09:55:07 UTC  

statue_of_liberty Lib-Right League 2! statue_of_liberty

Welcome to the Lib-Right League!

Thats right our server is BACK, and BETTER than ever
We are a server dedicated to organizing and discussing libertarian and right-wing politics and beliefs!

- Active Members
- Good Community
- Debates
- Plenty of Assignable Roles
- Fun Activities
- And MUCH more!

yellow_circle If you want to meet people jut like you, or just hang out, this is your server! yellow_circle
yellow_circle So come along with us on this libertarian journey! yellow_circle
yellow_circle We cant WAIT for you to come along and discuss good topics! yellow_circle

2021-02-08 19:15:38 UTC  

Welcome to The Texas Republic
Right Wing Political, Historical, and debate server.
We value Free speech, Pro-Life and the 2nd Amendment, which is rooted in the foundation on which our nation is built upon. NOT A MOCK GOV


2021-02-26 13:50:23 UTC  

crossed_swords The Lost Empirecrossed_swords

best of 3 and 1 ambush battle. the guy that loses get time to get back in the game by ambushing the winner of the first 2 games. its for rome 2 and 60 dollar prize pool.

2021-02-26 15:04:57 UTC  

Politics of Diplomacy

Welcome to the Politics of Diplomacy. In this server, you will play as a Nation's Leader/Rebellion/Company or just a Citizen. The world's tension has been rising since the begin of the 21st century and there are international conflicts everywhere. Will you bring peace to this universe, or will you start another World War to end all wars? The decision is yours, join now.