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.........................It sucks

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The people should control the state. The state should not control the people.

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Is this the CEO of Liberalism talking?

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He's the

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CEO of SPED Liberalism

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Because I support a system that prioritizes the needs of the people as opposed to the needs of the totalitarians who have managed to take control of the state.

2021-01-28 02:03:55 UTC  

yes you got me

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I am the CEO of liberalism.

2021-01-28 02:04:10 UTC  

He LOVES to be the CEO of being a Sped

2021-01-28 02:04:12 UTC  

and Liberalism

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But what if the totalitarians give the people wat they want?

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Free shit nigga 😂 💯

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I know you like the word Sped but use something else for a change.

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The based and epic party/group takes power - there's a good chunk of the population that does not want to live in literally nazi Germany - thus in order to secure the based gov's continued control, they must either be enslaved, killed, brainwashed or stamped into submission or apathy.

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one example

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As they are not held accountable through voting the totalitarians have an incentive to neglect the needs of the people.

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Hitler served his people

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same for Stalin

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Because they are not held accountable by the population through voting.

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Hitler didn't serve his people and nor did Stalin.

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you already said that

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TYou asked

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yes he did

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okay explain

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who did Hitler and Stalin serve

2021-01-28 02:06:29 UTC  

Hitler got Germany destroyed and massacred his own people.

2021-01-28 02:06:34 UTC  

The needs of the ppl have to be met anyway. Giuli literally said this in the debate, I remember: if you just have public executions and floggings 24/7 and if the population is starving in poverty then they're going to not like their government and will probably take action against it.

2021-01-28 02:06:41 UTC  

do u think hitler wanted to lose ww2?

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Hitler served his own deranged fantasies above all else.

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all these meaningless terms