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My ID is d1UXXnkN

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do you guys have ideas about where to find likeminded people outside of /pol/?

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The Northwest Front forums

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@Orchid outside of any alt-right sites, no

2017-09-20 19:52:17 UTC  

For people from the EU, it's dead to join the USA no?

2017-09-20 19:52:22 UTC  

You need the green card

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bc we're not allowed to DREAM

2017-09-20 19:53:09 UTC  

tell that to the spics

2017-09-20 19:53:10 UTC  

There is the option of our group having companies sponsor Europeans for citizenship and provide work visas

2017-09-20 19:53:34 UTC  

yeah i was thinking, if one of us owns a company, or makes on in the future, we could sponsor people

2017-09-20 19:53:57 UTC  

if you have an education and someone sponsors you its a lot easier

2017-09-20 19:54:03 UTC  

that's really fucked up, USA is all-in for chinks and spics but you're an educated European you cannot join the states...

2017-09-20 19:54:11 UTC  

well you can join the states

2017-09-20 19:54:21 UTC  

but spics get it easy

2017-09-20 19:54:24 UTC  

because they can cross a border

2017-09-20 19:54:26 UTC  

I gotta find a qt tho to get the green card

2017-09-20 19:54:37 UTC  

and chinks are planed in in order to fill jobs

2017-09-20 19:55:06 UTC  

too bad I can't swim 6k kilometers 😦

2017-09-20 19:55:29 UTC  

I wanna join the US it's based I can't stand paristan anymore

2017-09-20 19:55:48 UTC  

all my neighboors are dindu'

2017-09-20 19:55:55 UTC  

it is doable

2017-09-20 19:57:34 UTC  

"Emmanuel Macron wants to ban men from following women and asking for their phone number under new plans to end the 'macho' culture in France."

2017-09-20 19:57:38 UTC  

ok bye bye France

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@Orchid i'd try the daily stormer, i know a goyim who is part of pretty sizeable alt-right book club that meets in toronto, i can connect you to him if you'd like? they also do hikes and pool parties.

2017-09-20 19:58:03 UTC  

too bad it doesn't imply that it's dindu' and sandniggers doing it 99% of the time

2017-09-20 19:58:27 UTC  

whats stormfront like, I havent looked it in ages

2017-09-20 19:58:33 UTC  

are they worth anything?

2017-09-20 20:00:33 UTC  

stormfront from what i can tell is gay, the daily stormer is alright. the one guy who i know is pretty cool, not a LARPy neonazi type.

2017-09-20 20:00:54 UTC  

Storm front got wiped off the internet

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Welcome to both of you

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Where's Dana?