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2018-08-03 14:56:58 UTC  

>the internet

2018-08-03 14:57:01 UTC  

Isn't Blitz a drug addict too? Haven't heard myself so

2018-08-03 14:57:06 UTC  

I mean oops

2018-08-03 14:57:09 UTC  

>taking people seriously

2018-08-03 14:57:10 UTC  

imagine distancing yourself from your race because of a bunch of degenerates

2018-08-03 14:57:11 UTC  

Haven't heard proof but

2018-08-03 14:57:41 UTC  

White people are weak now yes

2018-08-03 14:58:01 UTC  

But we should become the elite, the ones that guide the white race towards salvation

2018-08-03 14:58:03 UTC  

Not abandon them

2018-08-03 14:58:05 UTC  

pretty weak to distance yourself from your race though

2018-08-03 14:58:16 UTC  

@Deleted The Aryan blood in our race is our prime objective to save

2018-08-03 14:58:26 UTC  


2018-08-03 14:58:29 UTC  

And Aryans will come to us despite our *edge*

2018-08-03 14:58:31 UTC  

If you guys say “the white race needs to die” you don’t understand the lemming principle

2018-08-03 14:58:34 UTC  

The true Aryan strength and Spirit will be reborn during the collapse. When the fight will begin

2018-08-03 14:58:36 UTC  

Because the truth attracts Aryans

2018-08-03 14:58:54 UTC  

Except the Aryans aren't coming to AWD

2018-08-03 14:59:08 UTC  

The depraved Satanists and sexual degenerates are

2018-08-03 14:59:13 UTC  

What's your opinion of an Aryan?

2018-08-03 14:59:13 UTC  


2018-08-03 14:59:24 UTC  

Best example of an Aryan would be someone like Varg or TGO

2018-08-03 14:59:37 UTC  

That tweet with a naked woman and shit kinda proves Arthas’ point

2018-08-03 14:59:41 UTC  

@卐 Thiamarkos 卐 it will die whether we like it or not, weak whites, who are the overwhelming majority, will not survive the race war.

2018-08-03 14:59:46 UTC  


2018-08-03 14:59:46 UTC  

Varg is a defeatist though

2018-08-03 14:59:47 UTC  

TGO is a larper but he's got his heart in the right place

2018-08-03 14:59:53 UTC  

What’s bad about naked women?

2018-08-03 15:00:02 UTC  

Didn’t see the whole convo

2018-08-03 15:00:11 UTC  

@Kurt notice how I didn't give myself as an example

2018-08-03 15:00:18 UTC  

I mean, 3 guys posing next to a naked woman isn’t very fascist

2018-08-03 15:00:25 UTC  

a woman should only bear herself to her man and nobody else

2018-08-03 15:00:26 UTC  

Oh that photo

2018-08-03 15:00:28 UTC  

You know the tweet I’m talking about

2018-08-03 15:00:32 UTC  

Wow that’s so degenerate

2018-08-03 15:00:34 UTC  

Wow dude wtf

2018-08-03 15:00:42 UTC

2018-08-03 15:00:44 UTC  

The photo is made to piss people off and it worked

2018-08-03 15:00:46 UTC  

*This* is an Aryan 😍

2018-08-03 15:00:50 UTC  


2018-08-03 15:00:54 UTC  


2018-08-03 15:00:59 UTC  

Hahaha I'm not a degenerate it was just supposed to piss people off