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2018-07-08 19:47:25 UTC  

Like his parents are

2018-07-08 19:48:47 UTC  

Impressive ratio man is impressive.. also i like that he hates drugs too

2018-07-08 19:50:59 UTC  

Yeah he’s like a High Tory type guy, he’s pretty blackpilled tho and wants the party to fall apart and says the country needs to suffer before we can get bettered

2018-07-08 19:51:09 UTC  

He’s probably not wrong

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2018-07-08 21:16:22 UTC  

He’s gotta one of the ones who wants to resign but doesn’t want to risk Corbyn

2018-07-08 21:23:56 UTC  

@Akira Kurusu It might be worth throwing your MP and email about this. My MP always Ellie’s to emails personally, and all but 1 Cornish MP is pro Brexit

2018-07-08 21:27:58 UTC  


2018-07-08 22:00:17 UTC  

Protector of the Realm **MOGG**

2018-07-08 22:00:26 UTC  

*m o g g w a v e*

2018-07-08 22:57:25 UTC  

I’m guessing Liam Fox will follow

2018-07-08 22:57:39 UTC  

Johnson and Gove won’t though as they’re too pussy

2018-07-08 22:58:25 UTC  


2018-07-08 22:58:54 UTC  

Imma keep pushing this meme and hopefully meme magic be real again like 2016

2018-07-08 23:01:01 UTC  

Waaaaaaait a minute.. what if the gov collapses in on itself b4 Trump turns up.. won't that be really bloody awkward

2018-07-08 23:01:53 UTC  

I want Trump to be here to welcome the new PM to his office

2018-07-08 23:02:00 UTC  

Probably Davis imo

2018-07-08 23:02:08 UTC  

Mogg maybe Brexit Secretary

2018-07-08 23:02:30 UTC  

Trump be like "well folks at least he's not May"

2018-07-08 23:02:37 UTC  

If it’s an internal shuffle it’ll probably be shit teir though- maybe Give or even Sajid David

2018-07-08 23:02:48 UTC  

Well yeah May always bets against Trump

2018-07-08 23:03:48 UTC  

If almost anyone had beaten May we coulda had a trade deal set up by now

2018-07-08 23:03:49 UTC  

Opposing tarrifs, doesn’t want his help in negotiation, condemns his ‘racism’ and Islam bashing, that baby ballon and saying he can’t beat Farage whilst he’s here

2018-07-08 23:04:16 UTC  

She has to go, we wanna work with the winning side now not the EU

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2018-07-08 23:05:02 UTC  

@Metaphysical Monarchist can i get a rundown on May's Downfall?

2018-07-08 23:05:08 UTC  

is she gone?

2018-07-08 23:05:15 UTC  

Not yet

2018-07-08 23:05:48 UTC  

can i get a rundown on wats happening tho

2018-07-08 23:05:52 UTC  

Should be soon

2018-07-08 23:06:03 UTC  

Ok so 6 more letters means she has to go

2018-07-08 23:06:06 UTC  

A vote of no confidence in the way she handled Brexit?

2018-07-08 23:06:18 UTC  

42 our of 48 no confidence letters rn

2018-07-08 23:06:26 UTC  

Sent in already

2018-07-08 23:06:29 UTC  

and David Davis resigned so it looks like the vote might pass, pushing him up to PM?