Message from Cad in csg #11-11-and-christmas-2019

2019-11-04 13:15:13 UTC  

im planning to get a pile of replica clothes, shoes, etc

2019-11-04 13:42:43 UTC  

show me which replica clothes do you want. you can show original

2019-11-04 14:07:22 UTC  

lmao at that postirony

2019-11-04 15:15:12 UTC  

Superbuy, ytaopal, and basetao are all good afiak @sergun

2019-11-04 16:24:52 UTC  

@𝕄𝕚𝕕𝕠𝕣𝕚 i dont have anything special in my mind rn but i need some new clothes

2019-11-04 16:26:02 UTC  

a hoodie is like $40 in the place i live and i dont get it, why the fuck would i pay that much for some piece of cloth

2019-11-04 16:26:06 UTC  

so i decided to check taobao

2019-11-04 16:26:16 UTC  

i can take ur recommendations, ty

2019-11-04 16:27:01 UTC  

@eggy ty, good to hear superbuy is still fine

2019-11-04 16:43:17 UTC  

Buy from h&m or something if you want cheaper clothes

2019-11-04 16:43:58 UTC  

You'll have to make a really big haul (batch of orders) to break even and save money

2019-11-04 16:51:36 UTC  

a friend of mine buys plain one-colour clothes for like two or three bucks each

2019-11-04 17:25:57 UTC  

@sergun dont ping me you nigger

2019-11-04 17:30:23 UTC  
2019-11-04 17:30:26 UTC  
2019-11-04 18:25:01 UTC  
2019-11-04 18:31:51 UTC  
2019-11-04 19:20:00 UTC  

@sergun there's some branch off owned by the same people called wegobuy which is supposed to be for reps but it's kinda gay idk

2019-11-04 19:20:11 UTC  

I use superbuy regardless

2019-11-04 22:50:48 UTC  

Umidigi Power 3 is going for 150 US on 11.11 with global bands, Stock Android 10, muh quad cam, and 6150mah battery

but >Mediakek

2019-11-04 23:08:40 UTC  

That brand has no support on XDA or HTCmania

2019-11-04 23:08:49 UTC  

also MediaKek, pass

2019-11-04 23:09:13 UTC

2019-11-04 23:56:52 UTC  

if only somebody said that or something

2019-11-05 02:25:06 UTC  

I've never heard of HTCmania, is it any good?

2019-11-05 09:20:31 UTC  

it has good support for spics like me

2019-11-05 09:20:50 UTC  

don't bother if you can read English, xda is way better in comparison

2019-11-05 18:32:20 UTC  

am i rich? or are these $10 coupons only for specific products

2019-11-05 18:33:43 UTC  

click "see deals"

2019-11-05 18:33:45 UTC  


2019-11-05 18:34:06 UTC  

@lidl papi see how they say "select coupon"? That means that they can only be used on select things

2019-11-05 18:34:30 UTC  

o ye im retarded

2019-11-05 18:34:57 UTC  

You'll fit right in here

2019-11-05 18:51:42 UTC  

Can you win points many times after you finish the game, or will it always land you on "select coupons" after first try

2019-11-05 18:52:01 UTC  

i mean after you are done there is that "replay stage" thing

2019-11-05 18:58:19 UTC  

i haven't won there anything but 10$ coupons, ayylmao. So fuck that shit, taobao here I come, lmao.

2019-11-05 19:28:32 UTC  


2019-11-05 19:28:34 UTC  


2019-11-05 19:38:12 UTC  

i get them randomly at homepage when checking order status

2019-11-05 19:43:08 UTC  

play that x mas game dude