Messsage from Hand Banana in Anticom #general

Helicopter>ULock 2017-04-18 22:11:18  

@Rez at Dorsia A dozen Big Guys (tm) wearing those would intimidate the fuck out of most people

mona 涙 2017-04-18 22:11:18  


4653746871468374325 2017-04-18 22:11:25  

I made a mask for this. I'm not going but I was going to wear it while watching

Hand Banana 2017-04-18 22:11:29  

@everyone FRAGO FRAGO FRAGO FRAGO. LET EVERYONE IN YOUR CIRCLES KNOW: We won the court case and have been gaurtneed Foy Hall and police enforcing that. This is going to be a melee but we will be meeting on Caster Lawn and moving together in formation into Foy Hall for Richard to give his speech. This information is public and we should start celebrating the court victory on social media now. Praise the judge, etc. Things just got drastically more chaotic though so everyone needs to be on extremly high alert.

Helicopter>ULock 2017-04-18 22:11:33  

....but be fairly counter productive

Hand Banana 2017-04-18 22:11:41  

Ban me if you want idc

Hand Banana 2017-04-18 22:11:45  

Its important info

breakneckelement 2017-04-18 22:11:48  

Fake it till you make it, baby.

Walls Of Steel 2017-04-18 22:11:56  

Who's in Auburn

Helicopter>ULock 2017-04-18 22:12:00  

What time does sun set there this time of year?

Walls Of Steel 2017-04-18 22:12:03  

about to head over to Foy

Gol 2017-04-18 22:12:06  

Anyone have good ideas for may day signs?

Hand Banana 2017-04-18 22:12:08  

Roughly 9pm iirc

Goldberg Kikenstein 2017-04-18 22:12:11  

when do people start setting fires?

Andy 2017-04-18 22:12:28  


4653746871468374325 2017-04-18 22:12:32  

@Walls Of Steel keeup us updated goy

Goldberg Kikenstein 2017-04-18 22:12:36  

someone really needs to capitalize on this. riots on demand yo

Helicopter>ULock 2017-04-18 22:12:45  

@Hand Banana Good. Things can get a lot harier when it gets dark.

TopHatt 2017-04-18 22:13:00  


Hernán Cortés 2017-04-18 22:13:01

Hand Banana 2017-04-18 22:13:05  

I think its likely there will be an attempted murder on our guys

TopHatt 2017-04-18 22:13:06  


Hand Banana 2017-04-18 22:13:11  

Specifically Spencer or Enoch

Helicopter>ULock 2017-04-18 22:13:12  

Spencer should have taken off from the DC rally while the sun was still setting.

Walls Of Steel 2017-04-18 22:13:16  
Pinene 2017-04-18 22:13:17  

Have the Reds arrived yet?

krypt0n 2017-04-18 22:13:20  


noggy 2017-04-18 22:13:27  

Where are all the rabid hippies?!

Andy 2017-04-18 22:13:33  

Who wants to be veted?

breakneckelement 2017-04-18 22:13:34  

@Helicopter>ULock Antifa is hairy enough already, based on Moldylocks's nudes.

Guards 2017-04-18 22:13:38  


TopHatt 2017-04-18 22:13:38

TopHatt 2017-04-18 22:13:39

Pinene 2017-04-18 22:13:45  

Vet me

Guards 2017-04-18 22:13:46  
TopHatt 2017-04-18 22:13:47  

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Hand Banana 2017-04-18 22:13:50  

@Andy does IE have a dedicated Intel group now?

Helicopter>ULock 2017-04-18 22:13:55  

@breakneckelement lol. also gross

Platz 2017-04-18 22:14:53  


Helicopter>ULock 2017-04-18 22:15:04  

Anyone know of any public antifa discords for this?

Platz 2017-04-18 22:15:14  

There's 'antifam' but it's locked down