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So not gonna post it. But It was a lesbian looking woman walk up to a woman dressed as a school girl with like a metal fucking spike attached to the front of her pants and she starts fucking the woman dressed as a school girl with the spike. I presume it's from a movie but it's still fucked up.

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Rekt Thread on 4chan btw. Not looking this shit up.

2018-05-11 07:34:29 UTC <:cringe:402359483117862932> The saddest part about this is that those dudes are probably getting more pussy than us.

2018-05-11 07:36:38 UTC How are these people taking our jobs?

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I want some Chicken Nuggers

2018-05-11 08:29:38 UTC <:lmaoJUST:402622080719519744> TFW you have to shake nigger hands

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This is well done

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Milo Eternally pwned

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I didn't need sleep anyway. 😟

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Where the fuck is everyone?

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At our jobs or sleep

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Gay. Get on NZST not gay Amerimutt time.

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Imagine not being on BST

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Imagine not being on NZST. We're so much in the future we could have warned you about 911 but we didn't because we wanted to own you Amerimutts like chads.

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What are people's thoughts on Michael Knowles?

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I think he's basic bitch Neo-Con but I still kinda like him.

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Hey, was I posting nude pics of Lena Dunham last night or was I doing that somewhere else? Either way, sorry if I did any crazy stuff, then.

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I love Sam Hyde

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@Jynn botha was talkin shit about you.

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and you too @Alphonsus and @Alphonsus

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Botha was talking shit about you.

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P.W. Botha was speaking ill of me?

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Botha is almost as much of an asshole as Updog

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