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2018-05-12 12:16:19 UTC  

It's just a pet peeve of mine

2018-05-12 12:16:20 UTC  

Fucking cunt

2018-05-12 12:16:35 UTC  

@RetardO ExtremeO sounds something like Spencer would do

2018-05-12 12:16:42 UTC  

I’ll never forgive women for that

2018-05-12 12:16:49 UTC  

The first thing the first woman did was fuck up everything for everyone

2018-05-12 12:16:55 UTC  

@Shid Cat mommy gfs are to be avoided

2018-05-12 12:16:58 UTC  

That's a great indicator of women and their personality

2018-05-12 12:17:01 UTC  

I was thinking of fucking this jewess ive been talking to for shits n giggles

2018-05-12 12:17:16 UTC  

They’ve ruined every good thing since

2018-05-12 12:17:18 UTC  

@Deleted User why? ): They bake a lot

2018-05-12 12:17:20 UTC  

If you fuck thots, you only enable them

2018-05-12 12:17:44 UTC  

@Shid Cat so you want a faith goldy gf?

2018-05-12 12:18:05 UTC  

australia first

2018-05-12 12:18:07 UTC  

I don't know who that is

2018-05-12 12:18:18 UTC  

>he doesn't know faith goldy

2018-05-12 12:18:26 UTC  

Trad thot who fucks teenagers behind her fiance's back

2018-05-12 12:18:47 UTC  

@RetardO ExtremeO well she has a new fiancée but she cheated on her old fiancée

2018-05-12 12:18:48 UTC  

Does anyone have the picture of that sorority fuckhouse fridge with all the rules on it like no condoms etc.

2018-05-12 12:18:54 UTC  

Its fucking gross

2018-05-12 12:19:00 UTC  

@RampantKaisa I saw that pic, it's degenerate

2018-05-12 12:19:01 UTC  


2018-05-12 12:19:03 UTC  

I need to find it

2018-05-12 12:19:09 UTC  

>this is where your daughters will be

2018-05-12 12:19:11 UTC  

post if you find it

2018-05-12 12:19:13 UTC  

i havent seen it

2018-05-12 12:19:17 UTC  

Never send your daughters to college

2018-05-12 12:19:18 UTC  


2018-05-12 12:19:23 UTC  

Women cheating is way worse than guys cheating

2018-05-12 12:19:25 UTC  

I did not see that image

2018-05-12 12:19:31 UTC  

You'd be better off sending them to a strip club because at least there's a no touching rule

2018-05-12 12:19:49 UTC  

Someone post the video of Sam Hyde describing what women do in college

2018-05-12 12:19:57 UTC  

Palmy gang who up

2018-05-12 12:20:12 UTC  

watch the vid lol

2018-05-12 12:20:29 UTC  

he is complaining about the NBN because its taking too long to download the shrek movies

2018-05-12 12:20:37 UTC  

What a legend

2018-05-12 12:20:41 UTC  


2018-05-12 12:21:15 UTC  

Can you just get non nbn internet?

2018-05-12 12:21:44 UTC  

yeah its worse