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Silver has way more uses than gold. Sivler has more uses than any industrial commodity on the planet except oil.

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it's the other way around

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the first beast was Rome... 7 heads are 7 hills on which the woman sits, and they are seven kings within

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"and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast with seven heads and 10 horns of the names of blasphemy"

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the woman is the Whore Of Babylon

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its very confusing

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but I'm a Religious Studies graduate so its okay

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and its not money from nowhere.... It takes lots and lots of effort by constantly mining and solving complex algorythmic encryptions to unlock currency

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that is measured in hashes, or calculations per hour

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and the higher your hash number, the harder your "miner" is working

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a miner is the program that grinds against those encryptions

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it does take effort to generate that currency so , just saying, it's NOT from nowhere

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The only commodity that has true intrinsic value is work. Work=Effort/time. The value of all things owe that value to the work that was required to produce it.What sort of proof does the BTC network seek in order to produce more BTC? Work(Proof of Work). Gold owes it's value to the cost in work(Labor/Energy). That gold will only have value after the work was produced to extract, and refine it. If the 'Price' of that gold is worth less than the value of that work, it remains in the ground. All BTC exists because work was performed to obtain it measured in Energy/Time. This is the supply side of the equation. The other dimension of this equation is the utility of that BTC. How useful it is. It's usefulness generates the demand side of the equation. If the usefulness of BTC increases, the demand increases. The value of the work performed to create that BTC increases as a result of the demand. This is how the value can exceed the cost of production. It all comes back to work when all is said and done. The work that it takes to produce it, and the work that can be accomplished through it's utility. Don't let anyone ever convince you that something physical, and inert has intrinsic value. Without the work it is worthless.

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Body Language: Binance Bitcoin Hack Changpeng Zhao #SAFU

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**Zerohedge** is not an accurate source for Cryptocurrency News.

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**FUD for the ignorant means FEAR UNCERTAINTY & DOUBT**

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This is the future of $ we need more good people in blockchain, get educated folks

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lol @ ripple ... everybody in crypto knows that's the bankers coin!

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Is Cardano a Cabal coin or not?

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@$BSTY What's the best programming language to learn to get into coding in crypto?

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