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2021-01-15 06:06:56 UTC  

Overall a slow news day:
1.Trump to declassify everything about Obama Admin efforts to stop the Trump presidency
2.Leftist activist John Sullivan arrested for inciting violence at US Capitol Bldg on Jan 6
3.Biden campaign worker arrested in Texas for rampant vote fraud scheme
4.Trump uses statutory authority to rescind $27.4 billion in Congressional spending projects today with letter to Pelosi
5.Project Veritas releases damning video of Jack Dorsey
6.MIT Professor arrested for grant fraud re undisclosed China connections
7.Senior NASA scientist pleads guilty to espionage for China
8.Parler battles Amazon in court for censorship
9.Feds arrest entire “board of directors” of MS-13 on terror charges
10.Pelosi calls herself wife, mother, grandmother on House floor a week after making rule outlawing gender references
11.Trump team's Peter Navarro releases third installment summarizing and totalling vote issues in critical states

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2021-01-15 06:15:35 UTC  

then this guy is really confused carring a battle flag and he is not even southern

2021-01-15 06:29:43 UTC  

Your playing yourself.

2021-01-15 06:30:28 UTC  


2021-01-15 06:32:45 UTC  

No corroboration of his claims

2021-01-15 06:37:06 UTC  

I still don't understand why the Confederate flag is not banned nationwide 🤦🏽‍♂️

2021-01-15 06:37:24 UTC  

@UnclePatch it's called the first amendment

2021-01-15 06:37:48 UTC  

And that is a confederate battle flag not the confederate flag

2021-01-15 06:38:23 UTC  

Specifically the Robert E. Lee flag which stands for state loyalty!

2021-01-15 06:39:24 UTC  

why do u let symbols and words bother u to the point u give someone else free rent in your head

2021-01-15 06:40:27 UTC  

if i told u robert e lee wore a white t shirt as his battle standard would u protest that too

2021-01-15 06:41:34 UTC  

There's a problem with the flag as it's been associated with racism, rightly so I'd say.
You guys are willing to die on the free speech hill and spew out poor arguments about why the flag really means "..." but it will continue to be associated with racism till the end of time

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2021-01-15 06:42:08 UTC  

so they have free space in your head

2021-01-15 06:42:14 UTC  

cause all i see is a flag

2021-01-15 06:42:55 UTC  

You have been miss guided.

2021-01-15 06:43:47 UTC  

The problem is that is was associated with racism. It does not stand for racism.

2021-01-15 06:44:18 UTC  

No no just because some says it was associated with racism doesn't make it so. Anyone that says that should go research Robert E. Lee. Slavery was not race bound first off, second Robert was against Slavery, but was against a unconstitutional abolition of slavery, that is why he fought the war. Not to mention Robert freed all of his slaves and the war ended with the 13th amendment. That war was an economical war, not a racist war.

2021-01-15 06:44:35 UTC  

This is the problem with conservatives, we are too withholding to history and "values" and are hesitant even to small changes like banning a flag associated with racism

2021-01-15 06:44:56 UTC  

should get used to seeing it being the southern democrats just took over your government with out even shooting off a round

2021-01-15 06:45:19 UTC  

its a democrat flag

2021-01-15 06:45:23 UTC  


2021-01-15 06:45:38 UTC  

Banning something that you think is racist doesn't get rid of racism.

2021-01-15 06:45:58 UTC  

cancel culture its in there heads

2021-01-15 06:46:11 UTC  

Just in the same way prohibition didn't get rid of drugs or alcohol.

2021-01-15 06:46:22 UTC  

There is literally no reason to have the flag anymore, it belongs to nothing. The Confederacy died 160 sumn years ago and still its flag lingers on

2021-01-15 06:46:34 UTC  

Prohibition does not work period in any case, EVER!

2021-01-15 06:47:15 UTC  

Right so what about the 600k men that died in that war did they also mean nothing and they fought with both the american flag and every state flag.

2021-01-15 06:47:15 UTC  

This is the truth

2021-01-15 06:47:24 UTC  

They can't keep alcohol out of prisons.

2021-01-15 06:47:41 UTC  

so which slavery offends u less

2021-01-15 06:47:47 UTC  


2021-01-15 06:48:28 UTC  

Do you understand why black slaves became the prominent slaves after whites being the most used slaves?

2021-01-15 06:48:45 UTC  

Do you know what bacon's rebellion is?

2021-01-15 06:49:36 UTC  

The 600k men who fought to defend a nation who wanted to continue slavery.
If this were anything like the Nuremberg trials, every high ranking officer or general would have been tried for crimes against humanity.

2021-01-15 06:49:53 UTC  

He was tried

2021-01-15 06:50:20 UTC  

Continuing it because "its about the money"

2021-01-15 06:50:30 UTC  

and they gave him back his citizenship because emancipation proclamation was unconstitutional.