Message from Omnis in welp. u already Kno... #👀carne-de-cuck🕵🏻

2019-10-02 20:21:55 UTC  

Omnis did not talk to anyone other than the people who MK got involved and only addressed the lies. Nothing that wasn't related.

2019-10-02 20:27:45 UTC  

When you LIE PUBLICLY about some one it does not matter what private space that lie was told in, or how private the space the proof was found in, as long as there are no third parties info, or unrelated personal info, Its a matter PUBLIC INTEREST...

2019-10-08 20:51:48 UTC  

The dipshit tried to say I was threatening to hack him.. but really he was threatening to have unicorn hack me.. so i posted MY Troll his ass

2019-10-08 22:58:08 UTC  

@Squeekups Im not Omnis...the gnostic Raul Castillo (aka Joe Spivey aka MK Alien aka Carne Asava aka. Miles, aka _____; dudes gotta lotta aliases) is a low level initiate (western branch lodges) working in the "meme department." His handlers are big time Freemasons, but he's just a small time lackey. He's a paranoid drug abusing money-tail chaser eating from the enemy's hand like a pet. Ignore him, becuz his handlers are becoming irritated with him. Give him rope & watch him hang himself (figuratively) 👌

2019-10-08 22:58:46 UTC  

@Deleted User he also goes my moar asava

2019-10-08 22:59:21 UTC  

Oh wow

2019-10-08 22:59:41 UTC  

Your piece of shit

2019-10-08 22:59:57 UTC  
2019-10-08 23:01:16 UTC  

Omnis can't have a similar name

2019-10-08 23:01:42 UTC  

And that's not all of it

2019-10-08 23:01:46 UTC  

You guys can't hide from me

2019-10-08 23:01:56 UTC  


2019-10-08 23:02:40 UTC  

Maybe slanderous fools

2019-10-08 23:02:53 UTC  

@Deleted User explain?

2019-10-08 23:03:09 UTC  

omnis is ONE guy that goes by ONE handle..

2019-10-08 23:03:19 UTC  

wtf is all this dribble?

2019-10-08 23:03:30 UTC  

Okay so ive spoken with both mk and him and they arent the same person . just saying.

2019-10-08 23:03:42 UTC  

My 2 cents

2019-10-08 23:03:57 UTC  

mk is trying to say azriel and omnis are the same guy when they are not

2019-10-08 23:03:58 UTC  

@Deleted User Look at your ridiculous comments bro... U need to chill & recognize my role (& yours as u currently puff up ur chest as if *IM* the enemy). Honestly, ur tactics are stale. That's all I need to say. My comment was to @Squeekups, not u 👌

2019-10-08 23:04:00 UTC  

go to vc @Deleted User

2019-10-08 23:04:04 UTC  

Y'all need to not trust shit

2019-10-08 23:04:33 UTC  

I think someone is info collecting on us

2019-10-08 23:04:50 UTC  


2019-10-08 23:05:35 UTC  

who what when where why how, what are you trying to say Chameleon? you arent making much sense

2019-10-08 23:05:42 UTC  

vc is a great place to comunicate more fully and at length this all seems disjointed

2019-10-08 23:06:09 UTC  

Well something came up ass wipe @Deleted User

2019-10-08 23:06:36 UTC  


2019-10-08 23:06:37 UTC  

What kind of bullshit you babbling

2019-10-08 23:06:44 UTC  

no u?

2019-10-08 23:06:52 UTC  

And what is it that you want?

2019-10-08 23:07:12 UTC  


2019-10-08 23:07:16 UTC  

literally all we are saying is that these guys are two different people, what are YOU saying?

2019-10-08 23:07:43 UTC  

@Deleted User No need for anyone to investigate u... Not like the public will, considering you roll with the same crowd. Don't u remember 1 week ago when we chatted? ...U admitted ur buds with Leo Zagami (a known Mason) & was "trying to get him on (rhetorical)?" I check out just fine bro...Im with the real opposition

2019-10-08 23:07:43 UTC  

You don't know how wrong you are

2019-10-08 23:08:26 UTC  

WTF does that matter

2019-10-08 23:09:06 UTC  

@Deleted User invite this mysterious "Omnis" counterfeit into VC with me simultaneously and lets squash ur paranoia then shall we?

2019-10-08 23:09:37 UTC need beating around the bush

2019-10-08 23:09:48 UTC  

@ vc you dipshit

2019-10-08 23:10:05 UTC  
2019-10-08 23:10:07 UTC